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RUSH: Columbus Day, that began the end of everything that was sacred. It's when the white Europeans showed up and they brought horses, syphilis, racism, bigotry, homophobia, and their own version of capitalism. They brought environmental destruction. Animal insignificance and destruction as well. Virtually everything wrong with the greatest nation on earth is traced back to Columbus Day. And instead several cities today are actually celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day. 

RUSH: We also have, of course the political news is based on the fact the Democrat debate is tomorrow night in Las Vegas, and there's all kinds of concern and worry about this.  CNN says they're gonna put a podium up for Joe Biden.  They're trying to entice Biden into showing up because, without Trump on the stage, actually, without the Republicans on the stage, this debate is gonna be a yawner. 

RUSH: Even though Trump had not said a word about getting out, they think they've heard him say so.  Meanwhile, over here you have Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is just shedding support.  It is just abandoning her in droves.  And not a single story about the possibility that Mrs. Clinton might get out of the race.  And the Drive-Bys believe they're fooling everybody.  That's the funny thing about this.  You know, finally there has been so much education about the Drive-Bys, so many people much more informed about them than ever.

RUSH: Do you think that some of these Lena Dunham types are not gonna believe that?  Even if they don't believe it, they're gonna join the chorus and say it, because these people know that there are Democrat voters who will believe it, and they'll spread the word on Twitter.  It will become a whole Twitter theme.  Republicans want to kick women out.  By all rights, the War on Women is as silly as this, isn't it?  The idea that a whole political party is at war with over half the population, and yet they've made that stick. 

RUSH: I have noticed not so subtle changes in the way Trump is going about this every day.  He's not making flamboyant statements nearly as frequently and as profoundly as he did early on.  He's still bombastic.  He still goes out and does the "I'm the greatest, I will be the greatest, it's gonna be the greatest, we're the greatest," you know, all of that, which is entertaining, and it's inspiring, too, to people who want it to be the case and to people who believe that he can make it happen.  But he is more and more issue oriented and substantive each day.  

RUSH: She puts her pants on one leg at a time like all the other guys do. She does not have any hidden source of power that allows her to achieve whatever she wants to achieve by threatening anybody else that might get in her way.  Otherwise she would already be president. 


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