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RUSH: A totally manufactured new illness to create panic and crisis about technology, about progress, about advancing Wi-Fi sickness, Wi-Fi waves. And the only reason anybody would fall for that is if they have a large degree of ignorance about all of the different frequency waves that we are being bombarded with every day.  Well, just as I called it, that guy was on Fox & Friends today.  I knew it.  He's gonna be a lot of places besides Fox & Friends in coming months, coming days. 

RUSH: Open Line Friday, as you know, we end each week by devoting the last day of the week to whatever callers want to talk about.  Doesn't have to be politics.  It doesn't have to be the news of the day or any particular issue, and it doesn't have to be anything I care about.  It has to be something I care about Monday through Thursday because the job of a caller is to make the host look good, and that doesn't mean by fawning and praising and all that.  Mostly it means a caller makes the host look good by inspiring me to be even more brilliant than I usually am. So that's what that means. 

RUSH: Obama, in the midst of this tear through the Middle East on the part of ISIS, Obama told the Coast Guard Academy graduates that not fighting against climate change is dereliction of duty... Who needed Letterman to wrap it up last night when you've got Obama out there providing comedy for the whole world?

RUSH: The looted and burned down stores are not enough of a memorial.  We have to erect a plaque of the Gentle Giant in his high school graduation cap.  And, by the way, have you read what's going on in Baltimore?  No, I can tell you now you have no idea what's going on in Baltimore.  You think probably that peace has come to Baltimore 'cause cops are off the streets now.  They charged those six cops with the murder of Freddie Gray.  

RUSH: This is a guy calling who heard our Morning Update, the morning commentary that runs on all of our EIB affiliates during morning drive. We had one this week that had to do with the Oakland school system and now no matter what there are not any suspensions for any act... The soft bigotry of low expectations.  You don't suspend them because you don't think they can improve.  You don't have any faith in them.  That's the system. 

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