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RUSH:  Ted Cruz, apparently, has had enough.  He has taken off the gloves and he is just pounding Trump as a pathological, psychological liar.  And it comes after Trump actually said that Cruz's dad met with Lee Harvey Oswald before Oswald assassinated JFK... I think all Indiana voters are very, very much aware what's at stake today.  They know they can prolong this by giving it to Cruz.  They can end it by giving it to Trump. 

RUSH: However you want to characterize the week: The Week of Insanity, The Week of the Crazies, The Week of the Unbelievable... The latest round of it, the starting point has to be the august former Speaker of the House, a Republican, being interviewed by the professor of history emeritus at Stanford University, suggesting that Ted Cruz is Lucifer, Satan, the devil, El Diablo.

RUSH: I thought I had seen every technique and excuse the Clintons had used to try to make everybody believe Hillary had no idea that Bill was cheating on her.  This is the thing that escapes me.  She knew it! She knew that Monica Lewinsky was there.  Hillary was in charge of the "bimbo eruptions."  It was Hillary's job to make sure that Bill didn't get caught.  The whole Clinton campaign knew that he couldn't help himself.  

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The president of the American Federation of Teachers is ticked off about charter schools. In the Huffing-and-Puffington Post, Randi Weingarten blasted donors who dared give $35 million to “Success Academy” charter schools.


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