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It was just a matter of time. The Senate race between incumbent North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican Thom Tillis has turned to race. Democrats just played one of the vilest race cards in the deck.

RUSH: She's blaming the Internet, blaming Drudge, or what have you, and that's not what did it to her.  Bill Clinton did it.  The Democrat Party did it.  And she was right in there doing it to herself... The fact that Bill Clinton to this day is the biggest rock star of the Democrat Party I think still has a lot of people mildly discombobulated in the sense that it wasn't that long ago there were prices to pay for such lapses of judgment and morality in positions of power and authority.  And today, the episode has enhanced Clinton's resume, it's enhanced his image with some people, and I think people are still scratching their heads over this and asking, "Why teach our kids right and wrong if wrong is how you win?"

RUSH: How many times have we discussed on this program that Obama really doesn't care about anybody but himself? He doesn't care about the Democrat Party, except to the extent that it can help him. He's out there saying (imitating Obama), "Hey, hey, these people that are running away from me, hey, they all voted with me. They're my henchmen. They're the ones that made what I wanted to do possible."  He's just throwing 'em all under the bus... I mean, this is like the Road Runner and the coyote, and the Democrats are the coyote, and the Acme Anvil Company made one that just kaboomed 'em on the top of the head, thrown by Obama off the cliff.  

RUSH: The Daily Beast is jumping all over Joe Biden and all over the Obama administration, the way it's dealing with this war on ISIS.  I mean, they are firing both barrels. Biden, because he's obviously potentially a candidate for the presidency in the primaries against Hillary.  It's clear The Daily Beast is thrown in with Hillary, there's no question about that. 

RUSH: If this goes down with no indictment of the officer, you are going to see, because of the election in November and this poll showing the black turnout being down could kill the Democrats' chances, you're gonna see a major, major civil rights violations effort going on.

RUSH: I can only tell you what I think I know, and that is that both Bush 41 and Bush 43, whatever you think of them policy-wise or whatever, they have a deep reverence for the office, and they're not gonna ever denigrate anybody that's ever held it, they're not.  They're not gonna be critical of anybody, not publicly. 

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