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RUSH:  I want to go back and replay a somewhat lengthy portion of a monologue of mine.  You know, I've played sound bites of myself in the past, but rarely of such length because I think it's, in some cases, it's a cop-out.  In many cases just say it again.  But, in this case, I was quoting from a piece I'd found in the American Spectator by Professor Angelo Codevilla. It was called America's Ruling Class -- and the Perils of Revolution.  It was July 19th, 2010...I remember reading this piece and being so jazzed after I had read it. 

RUSH: If I understand the Supreme Court decision today on abortion, I guess back-alley abortions weren't really a problem because all Texas did was try to enhance safety procedures for women who wanted to get abortions.  "No, no, no, no!" the left said. "You are not gonna put any limit whatsoever, even if it means popularizing the equivalent of back-alley abortions."  And I'm gonna tell you, folks, when it comes to abortion, yes, the substance of the issue matters. But beating us is just as motivating and just as important.  

RUSH: The presumptive Democrat nominee who, by the way, appeared at a campaign rally in Ohio today, and she had Fauxcahontas with her.  That would be the estimable Elizabeth Warren.  Did you watch it?  You didn't?  See, I couldn't help but watch it. It was on the monitors in here and I saw it, I said, "Should I turn on the sound or should I ignore this?"  I gotta do it.  I gotta turn on the sound.  What was overwhelmingly obvious was that Fauxcahontas was much more popular than Hillary is.  Ho-ho-ho.  It's not even close.  

RUSH: David Brooks, our old buddy, the conservative columnist, New York Times.  He's had a realization. He maybe thinks that the elites may have overstepped on immigration just a little bit, maybe have brought in too many, maybe have brought in more people than should be here at the moment.

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When Congressional Democrats staged their latest fundraiser -- the sit-in on the House floor -- they sang the civil rights anthem “We Shall Overcome.” When they ended the sit-in, they sang it again to the Drive-By cameras. But nobody asked them what are they trying to “overcome”?

RUSH: People imbued with common sense cannot understand why, either in Great Britain, or in  the United States, the people that run the show would want to leave the borders wide open and allow the nations to be flooded with people who are not going to end up advancing the nation... It's not racism. It's not sexism.  It's not bigotry.  All of the things that the elites and their media cohorts are gonna try to chalk this up to, it's not about any of that.  It's about a desire to be self-reliant because they just don't trust the people who claim to have all the answers and solutions for all the problems.  They don't trust the elites anymore. They don't trust the ruling class. The ruling class has made a mess of pretty much everything.

RUSH: Trump happened to be in Scotland on the very day, the morning after the Brexit vote. He's there to open his golf course in Turnberry, and, lo and behold, the first thing he talked about was not the Brexit vote. He talked about his golf course and how damn good it is. He pointed to the lighthouse behind and said, "You know what? I've even built suites in the lighthouse. Nobody else has suites in lighthouses, but I have suites in the lighthouse." And the media says, "How in the world can you do this? You're here, you're in Great Britain, you're in the UK, and they just had the Brexit vote, and you're talking about your golf course?" Trump says, "Yeah, and you know what? The falling pound is even gonna help my business here." And they said, "You can't do that!"

RUSH: When I was making my first trips over to the UK, it was health care in this country, Clinton care or Hillarycare, that was what was dominating things. Immigration was not a back burner issue, but it certainly wasn't forefront like it is now. But it just began to look different. I couldn't pinpoint it, 'cause I wasn't looking for the differences. But what happened was that this massive influx of immigration, the Muslim or Islamic aspect of it, they set up their own neighborhoods. 

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