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RUSH: So I once again have confounded what these guys think should happen. Trump was so bad, in their opinion, that he should just admit it, because everybody knows it. There's no reason to act like it didn't happen. This is their thinking, and just own up to it, you know, just be honest with the audience. The audience knows that you sucked, Mr. Trump, the audience knows you were terrible. Let 'em know that you know, Mr. Trump, and build a bridge of strict relating with them. You tell 'em, Mr. Trump, that you know how bad you were. They already know, and they'll think you're an honest guy.  That's what they want Trump to do. Until I entered the fray yesterday with my post-debate analysis, which has now thrown a monkey wrench into what these guys, Halperin and Heilemann, want to happen.

RUSH: People don't remember what anybody said in that debate, and, by the end of the day today, they really won't. But they're not gonna forget how they felt during that debate. You know, I'm one of these guys that I lament the role feelings plays in so much of our culture, but I can't deny it, and this is unalterably true. Unless you have a particularly advanced power of communication skill like I do, people do remember what I say. Most people do not. But they never forget how you make 'em feel. And I'm telling you: Hillary didn't make anybody feel special that night. She came across as robotic, a witch with a capital "B." Trump inspired feelings among his supporters that they enjoyed and wanted more of.

CALLER: I'm 31 years old, Millennial by age, not by association. It's not my fault I was born with them, but fiscal conservative. I'm much more a product of my own environment when it comes to social issues, such as gay marriage, you know, birth control, those types of things. So, for the last few years, really since I first started voting in '04, I've not been too excited about our candidates...

RUSH: He started ragging on Reagan. He started taunting me, taunting me about Reagan, and he was making comments about people destroying trees, which was an early allusion to climate change, and he kept undoing his belt. We're sitting there, the meeting started out with 20 people in the room and then about 15 left, it was five of us and him. He kept undoing his belt and reattaching his belt, while seated.

CALLER: Earlier this summer we had a Left Coast blue state relative visit the family, and she seemed to have a personal mission to suppress our votes in the upcoming election.  She encouraged us all to sit this one out, not to vote at all.  She also told my 18-year-old daughter, who will be a first-time voter, that she was too young to understand the issues and that she should sit it out as well. 

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Now, according to a 1998 AP story, a judge in Machado's Venezuela accused her of threatening to kill him. The judge had indicted her boyfriend for attempted murder. The victim's family accused her of driving the getaway car, but she was not indicted. 


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