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RUSH: Why are the civil rights crowds and the Black Lives Matter groups and the people loyal to the Reverend Jackson, why aren't they in Oklahoma?  Why aren't they raising hell in Oklahoma and why are they raising hell in North Carolina, where there isn't a racial component? Oklahoma is in the Trump camp.  There's no reason to spend any time or money there.  North Carolina, Hillary in trouble, they need the black turnout.

RUSH: Oftentimes I have subscribed to the belief that things happen for a reason. And I think that whole Rams episode might be, given everything that's happened since, not just with the Rams, but what's going on within the league, yeah, it probably was a good thing, the way it turned out. 

The Patriots Do It With Great Coaching... Hillary Proposes 65% Death Tax... Cruz to Endorse Trump

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It’s one of the biggest “OOPS” in history. Insurance companies that happily signed onto Obamacare are tucking their tails between their legs and leaving in droves. Turns out, healthy people being forced to buy insurance didn’t make up for massive expenses, after all. Obama’s promises were bogus. 


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