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RUSH: You've got Bill Clinton. He's still got value despite having destroyed Monica Lewinsky's life and Kathleen Willey and who knows how many other people. Paula Jones. Cosby has value.  Of course, Ted Kennedy still has value.  Yeah. Over here, we've got Russell Wilson and Clarence Thomas, and we've got to destroy them.  I mean, we are 180 degrees out of phase, and I'm just chronicling the cultural decline for you. 

RUSH: The press following Hillary got roped in.  They actually roped them in! They put ropes around the press contingent so the press contingent would be contained and so everybody knew who they were. Do you know what it reminded me of?  Did you see Blazing Saddles? 

RUSH: Barack Obama's flooding the zone.  He's changing the composition of this country, what he believes is a grossly unfair country populated by bitter clingers, too many Christians, policed by racist cops.  So we're flooding the zone.  We are going to change the makeup of this country.  We are going to change the composition.  We are going to transform this country because it has been grossly unfair, bigoted, racist and discriminatory.  Populated by these bitter clingers, white majority, racist, sexist, bigot homophobes, and we're going to change that.  And that's why the borders are wide open. 

RUSH: There aren't too many people who think they can make a difference.  So Trump is the focus of attention.  But is it a silent majority?  Do you see any evidence of it?  One other thing, too.  All this talk about Trump destroying the Republican Party? Would somebody give me a break on that?  The Republican Party has done that just fine on its own, in a lot of ways, before Trump even came along.  

RUSH: The government itself creates mandates on citizens that they have to buy this healthcare stuff and the costs skyrocket, but they have to buy it.  That's mean.  And then here comes an employer who wants to help out now and then, occasionally, that's nice too.  But that's now a crime.  And who is doing all this?  It's Democrats doing all this.  Democrats and the Obama Administration.  Democrats at the IRS.  

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