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RUSH: Since television was invented, radio has always been considered, by the entertainment media, anyway, to be among the lowest rungs of the show biz ladder.  And it's the only media that I have ever really loved.  I have a deep devotion to the importance of radio, to the history and legacy of it... Radio offers the opportunity for the most direct and intimate relationship or bond with the audience of all media, and the reason precisely is because there aren't any pictures. 

RUSH: Football has jumped the shark and has now become politics...  You know what else I learned last night, folks?  I learned that when I make fun of the way Barack Obama cannot throw a baseball -- and he can't throw a baseball. He throws like a girl.  He walked out there, the first pitch at the Washington Nationals wearing the mom jeans. I mean, it was comical.  You know what I learned?  I learned that saying that diminishes women and leads to domestic violence.  That's what James Brown in the CBS pregame show told America, that we've gotta stop making fun of men who throw like girls or calling them sissies, because that is going to diminish women and lead to more violence and death.

RUSH: The Regime is trying to tell us that what Obama outlined on Wednesday night is not a war...  Because he's not gonna use authorization.  He's going around Congress.  There are a couple of pieces in the Stack today. There is one from a guy named Bruce Ackerman, who's a Yale professor. This is devastating for Obama because this guy says Obama is doing what Bush only dreamed of doing.  

Teacher Asks Student to Compare Bush and Hitler... Dems Want to Defund Schools with Indian Mascots... Brassieres Declared Racist... 


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