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RUSH:  I knew it was gonna happen.  I'm always prepared.  I checked the email during the break, a bunch of doubting Thomases.  "You know, you say that Clinton was responsible for the subprime mortgage, but you never offer any proof.  You just say it and you expect everybody to believe it.  And your mind-numbed audience believes everything, but I don't.  You're not fooling me." After 28 years you would figure that, even the left would know, I don't make it up.  But let me share with you from the New York Times, September 30th, 1999. 

RUSH: They do not have the experience or the conditioning of the third reply. They get away with the initial charge and the subsequent Republican silence and embarrassment, and Republican prayers that nobody will hear it and it'll all go away. Trump hears it, replies, throws the ball back in the Democrat court -- in this case, Hillary or Elizabeth Warren -- and they don't have a lot of experience dealing with the third reply. 

RUSH: Your host, ladies and gentlemen, I just found out, is trending the top of the Fakebook, whatever they call it, trending, I'm at the top of it. And you know why? Here's what it says. Top of the trending: "Rush Limbaugh: Host says he won't endorse Donald Trump because, 'What difference does it make now?'"

RUSH: You want my take on this? I cling to my theory that Obama does not want to be seen as the person who takes Hillary out, but he is toying with her big time, and this drip, drip, drip is continuing because Obama is permitting it. If Obama wanted this email thing buttoned down, shut down, and dispatched, it would have been however long ago he wanted that to happen.

CALLER: I'm a recent convert. I've lived my entire life with my father teaching me liberal ideas, and he's always been a Democrat, and within the last, I don't know four or five years, I've come to the realization that it's all a lie. And I'm a member of a major union. I've worked for two major unions in my entire life, and I'm still a member of one, and I just... Everything about it is a complete lie.

CALLER: I want to hear his 100-day plan on what he's gonna do on geopolitics. What is he gonna do on Syria? Why isn't he discussing the 80-plus people who got killed in Syria within the last day or two?  Why isn't he discussing our downsizing of the Navy?  Why isn't he discussing, in the first hundred days he's gonna repeal Obamacare?

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