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RUSH: For whatever it's worth to the rest of you, I don't see this as the lesser of two evils.  I see one serious threat and problem that has to be dealt with. And we've got one way of doing it -- one effective way of doing that -- and that's electing somebody besides her, and it's somebody that has a legitimate chance to win.  That's a factor as well.  Third party is not gonna win anything.  It's gonna allow people to beat their chests, maybe have a clear conscience and so forth, but it isn't gonna have a thing to do with advancing the objective. 

RUSH: I am not under any illusion here that Trump is something that I don't think he is. I'm holding out the possibility that he's gonna be more so than a lot of people think.  But I don't know, folks.  This is what I mean when I say, "I'm the mayor of Realville," and my favorite phrase is a cliche:  "It is what it is." And my objective is to make the most out of everything. I try, whatever's going on, to be optimistic about it.  And people say, "Well, how can you stay so optimistic?"  You know, people ask me that. We're in the midst of Obama doing what he's doing and then the possibility of Hillary nailing the final nails into the coffin. I remain optimistic that what we're doing down the road is finally going to arrest and stop all this.   

RUSH: My experience with wives of conservatives and wives of Republicans -- and the Democrat Party and the media -- is that usually (there are exceptions, but usually) the media and the Democrats will do everything they can to diminish the wife, to diminish the woman.  They will imply that she is brain-dead or that she's a gold digger or that she is stupid and dumb and is just following around as arm candy. 

RUSH: Look, Nate Silver is like anybody else who takes what they do seriously. They pride themselves on their approach, and they claim it's unique... What they do, as best I understand it, is they take all of the polling data and they run numbers with algorithms and stuff, and they come up with relative percentages that Candidate X will win the nomination and percentages that Candidate X will not, and those percentages fluctuate as the polling changes. And it is that technique that Silver has really hit home run after home run after home run on in presidential elections, but did not get this right.  And so it opens up a possibility, people, is there a Trump Effect in the polls?  Meaning, are there people gonna vote for Trump that won't say so?

RUSH: On days like yesterday and today, the tune-in factor's even greater.  For those of you tuning in here who may not tune in every day, a warning:  You're going to get hooked.  Second point:  It's impossible to say everything that I'm going to say or want to say in the opening segment of the program. So if you don't hear what you're primarily interested in get talked about in the first segment, hang in there; it'll happen.  And that's why I want to review just a little bit (not everything) that's on tap here today.  

RUSH: This is gonna be one of those programs that you're gonna want to spend the entire three hours here with us. We're just loaded and there's a whole lot of things that I want to say and get into, and I don't want to try to have to pack it all here into this opening segment.  I got so many emails. "You know, you're gonna have the biggest audience maybe you've ever had tomorrow."  And then people tell you, "Oh, wow! Okay, you better pack it all in the opening segment!"  I'm not gonna even try to do that this time.  It can't be done, and I don't want to do it in bullet-point or headline fashion.  Plus, I'm curious to know what some of you think happened.

RUSH: Hold your horses, Trump supporters. Hold your horses. When I say, "We'll examine what went wrong," come on. You know exactly what I'm talking about, from the standpoint of Cruz supporters.  They're the ones trying to figure out what went wrong today.  They are looking for explanations, and I'm sure they have their own at the same time.  But we'll get into all that.  Let me give you one little thing: My instinctive feeling right now is that Trump is gonna win, beat Hillary badly, that it could be landslide proportions. 

RUSH: The reason I chose that sound bite to play is 'cause it's almost identical circumstances.  It was '76, Reagan was much more popular than Gerald Ford. That's the one thing different than today from Reagan. But he just couldn't get past the establishment in 1976, and his supporters were so depressed and down in the dumps. I mean, folks, it was thought to be the end of the world. There was so much invested in Reagan.  It was just four years later -- after four years of Jimmy Carter -- that it all ended up working out for the better.

RUSH:  Boston Globe headline: "RIP, GOP -- Donald Trump has done more than win the Republican nomination.  He has shattered the modern Republican Party," and this is what a lot of Drive-Bys think.  This is what a lot of leftists and Democrats think. Maybe even some Republican establishment people think this.  And, 'cause they do, there are a lot of headlines like this out there today. They're glib and they're hip and they're running around and they're applauding and they're chuckling and they're laughing and they're thinking that the Republican Party is finished and it's over. And the fact of the matter is, they're two years behind.  

RUSH: I'm not saying here anything I have not said during this whole campaign.  Donald Trump is NOT -- capital N-O-T -- a conservative.  He doesn't look at life that way.  If anything, he might think conservatives are a little oddball, kooky. He's a New Yorker...  Trump is the kind of guy you can criticize everything in the world he thinks, just don't call him a loser.  Call him a loser; he'll come out and rip you to shreds.  

RUSH: Conservatism didn't die.  Conservatism's not being buried.  Conservatism, whether people know it or not, is still how most people (dare I say, "productive people") live their lives today.  It's how most people wish to -- and hope they can -- raise their kids.  They may not even know it.  Many of them are not ideological conservatives. They don't run around and say, "I'm conservative," and then tell you what they are.  In fact, some of them who are conservative don't want to use that word because they don't want to get snickered at. They don't want to be laughed at.  But conservatism didn't die, and I don't want anybody out there thinking that it did.

RUSH: It's about stopping the Democrat Party.  It's about stopping Hillary Clinton. It's about putting the brakes on the Obama agenda.  And anybody who says that they're gonna vote for that agenda who also claims to be a Republican or conservative must not see the existential crisis that I see.  And that's makes me really curious.  How do they not see it?  Because we're living it.  It's a great puzzlement to me. 

RUSH: The theory, very quickly, is that the media's in love with Trump because the programming that Trump provides is something they can't provide on their own.  No network can.  There isn't a cable network out there that has a personality that can draw a crowd like Trump for the reasons Trump does. 

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