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RUSH: We all here at the EIB Network are experiencing a huge void in all of our hearts here today because of a death, one of our staff members, the very first staff member to join me 27 years ago in New York.  Christopher Carson, "Kit," my trusted chief of staff, aide-de-camp, passed away today at 8 a.m. at his home in New Jersey after what really was a four-year battle, really valiant, never-seen-anything-like-it battle with essentially brain cancer.

RUSH: They devised a program, a 529 program, much like any 401(k) or medical saving account. You put the money for your kid's education away, and we will not charge you any tax on it... If you take it out for any other reason, you pay tax on it, take it out early, pay tax on it.  But if you wait and only withdraw money from the 529 account to educate your kid, no tax.  Now you're gonna pay tax when you withdraw the money. Because Obama's promising other people free community college, and who knows whatever the heck else.

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