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RUSH:  Just before the program began -- and on the surface it might not seem like much, but this is a classic example of why you're fortunate to have me as your host.  The Trump campaign released, and the Drive-By Media is picking it up, that Trump is expected to tap Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who is a member of the Republican leadership in the House.  She's from the state of Washington.  Trump is expected to pick her to lead the interior department... Can I tell you what I think this really is?  I think this is the cabinet pick that Trump is giving Reince Priebus.

RUSH: We get stories from people who tell us their kids never liked history, never liked reading, and now they can't get enough.  They want their parents to read the books to 'em constantly; they can't wait for the next one to come out.  I can't tell you what a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction it is. And then when you see the pictures -- and I could read to you countless numbers of emails from readers all day long.

RUSH: The Drive-Bys can raise holy hell, and they can point fingers of blame, but they had better be looking right at themselves, because they are the reason fake news exists.   They are the reason you can't tell anymore what's fake and what isn't.  But you know what?  Audiences know.  Audiences trust Donald Trump.  You in this audience trust me, and that is something I have always known and never take for granted

RUSH: I'm just gonna tell you again.  Mrs. Clinton, the reason fake news even lives is because people like you have abandoned all authority and credibility.  You've got none.  People think you lie.  Your husband lies every time he opens his mouth. They think the Drive-By Media lies and tell us falsehoods and is biased irreparably and incorrigibly.  There isn't any source authority for anything out there now. So whatever goes, goes.  

CALLER:  I just wanted to ask you your personal opinion on Apple and Apple losing its edge.  I don't know what your personal experience has been with the new MacBook Pro, but, you know, I find it a little disappointing that it took over 500 days for a new MacBook Pro to come out. 

RUSH:  I understand what people's fears are.  Trump's, in many people's eyes, a once-in-their-lifetime opportunity, and you already feel he's being undermined, and you're worried that the undermining efforts are gonna work.  I understand it's a constant fear that conservatives and Republicans have learned to have, experience guided by intelligence.  But Trump's a different animal. 

RUSH: Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, Wally Schirra, Scott Carpenter, John Glenn. These were incredible, brave, innovative, courageous people. There was nothing they were afraid of. They didn't seek solace when they heard things that they didn't agree with. They weren't innocent snowflakes that needed to be protected. They didn't get participation trophies or any of that.

It's Crazy How Some Companies Do Business... CNN Reports Rudy Out of Running for Secretary of State... 

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The Democrats are gearing up for a confrontation with the federal government and the Constitution. They want this fight. It's time they get this fight. And it's time it got smeared right down their throat and any other orifice we can find.


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