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RUSH: I don't know, it was somebody. Somebody said the polls were gonna tighten as we get closer to the election. Somebody said it.. Hey, folks, here's the bottom line. There isn't anybody that knows what's gonna happen here. The best thing that you can do is to carry that attitude forward. Nobody knows. They really don't know... It's just amazing how something that is not news becomes the leading news item every day, and that is polling results. Nobody knows! And yet whatever the polls say every day determine the entire shape of coverage and commentary and reaction by everybody. It's not just the Drive-Bys. I mean, we're all prisoners to it.

RUSH: The WikiLeaks dump today has something incredible in it and one of the things I like to try to do each and every day is take the complex and make it understandable.  Sometimes it's challenging to do because in order to take something complex and make it understandable, the people to whom you're speaking have to have at least a quasi-foundation of understanding of the subject matter.  And I think in this case most every one of you do. The specific leak to which I'm referring is a series of emails that show the absolute connection between the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation and Bill and Hillary Clinton getting personally rich from their foundations.  The email dump today is largely focused on a man named Doug Band, who is a former Clinton advisor.

RUSH: We're gonna get to it later on in the program.  I'm not gonna lead off with it in terms of actually playing the sound bites.  If you haven't heard it by now, just hang in there, be tough, you will, we'll get to it.  There are other things that I want to get to.  Plus, I know both people involved here.  I know Megyn, I know Newt.  It makes it tough.  I've always said, it's easier when you do not know these people when it comes time to talk about what they're doing or analyze what happens.  It's much easier.  But I know them both, and so it's tough.  I will admit this, it's tough. And, by the way, I have things about both of them that neither would like known, so I'm safe there. 

RUSH: Yesterday we had a little treat for you. We had election night coverage 1980 from NBC -- John Chancellor, Tom Brokaw, Judy Woodruff and David Brinkley.  We've dug deeper, and we got Bill Moyers from 1980.  He was on CBS... The interesting thing about this is it's 1980.  What is that, 36 years ago?  Is that right?  Yeah, 36 years ago. I want you to hear how the characterization of the Republicans has not changed.

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