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RUSH: That is another left-wing, leftist, Democrat Party term created in America to apply to certain people that are really cutthroat, mean SOBs. But we're gonna join forces with 'em, so they're moderates.

RUSH: I keep waiting for all of this stuff to bottom out and common sense to finally surface and rear its head and shame all of this just insanity, and it doesn't happen.  We keep descending even lower with political correctness, even though I can't find anybody who believes in it! I don't know a soul who believes and supports political correctness, and yet it wins every damn time.

RUSH: The cat was uninterested in the ledge or the banister on the second floor.  In fact, the cat, it's an interesting case study.  It's like when the Soviet Union busted apart and Russian citizens had their freedom after the Berlin Wall fell.  They didn't quite know what to do.  

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