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In 2000 the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act was passed. It gave the IRS the power to seize bank accounts of those suspected of being terrorists, drug dealers, and the like, even without any charges or convictions. With that kind of power bestowed on the IRS, bad things can happen. And they have. 

RUSH: I purposely did not mention this in the first hour, 'cause I constantly am trying to demonstrate that I do not look at you all as customers.  I've tried to make this point clear for 25 years.  There are a lot of other media people out there, networks and so forth, that look at you as customers, and I do not, and I never have... As far as I'm concerned, you are the best audience in all of media.  You are the most supportive, you are the most loyal, you are obviously the brightest, and it is a sheer honor and delight to do this and have an audience made up of people like you.  Quality, intelligent people like you. 

RUSH: Its intention is to motivate voters to go to the polls by making them think they're being monitored and that the officials will know if they do or don't vote -- and, of course, it would be much better for them if they do.  Good, old-fashioned peer pressure.  But here's the thing about this. If you ask me, this kind of thing could backfire big time. 

CALLER: I didn't realize that I was living in a nightmare.  However, during that period of my life I was listening to you, but I didn't like you, period, but I kept listening to you.  However, recently I woke up out of this nightmare and was reborn into conservatism.  Actually, now I'm a Tea Party patriot.  So I want to give you accolades, Rush, for shining that light through a dark tunnel that I was in.

CALLER: I asked my husband of almost 48 years, "Do you think our kids would be as conservative as they are," and they vary, but they're basically conservative, some very conservative, "if we hadn't started listening to Rush in the beginning?"  And we decided, "No, they probably wouldn't be," because of all the good information that you've given us over the years." Now we have nine children and with greats and grands, we have just about 50.

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