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RUSH: How did this happen, folks?  The stock market came back, futures are up 100 points, sky isn't falling, wizards of smart said that the world's financial markets were gonna go to hell all because of the Brexit vote.  Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Everything happens predictably except when the doom and gloom sets in, they want you to believe it's permanent and it's all over.  And, sadly, it works. 

RUSH:  He's back now predicting Hillary Clinton has a 79% chance of winning the presidency, compared to Trump's 20%.  Now, Silver still has a lot of acolytes out there.  He still has a lot of true believers.  And they're applauding and they're partying and they're ecstatic, but they are forgetting something crucial.  Nate Silver has been wrong about Donald Trump predictions seven times since last June.

RUSH: If all of this stress resulting from interpersonal and structural discrimination is leading to an unfair share of alcoholism, heavy cigarette use, and generally impaired physical and mental health, don't you think that investigators will find ways to scientifically, quote, unquote, blame all of this on the hate-filled, racist, sexist, bigoted, and homophobic Republican Party? 

RUSH: Right here it is, the very question I asked, attempting to stimulate a fire and cause chaos out there. Now they're actually asking it! I guarantee you this comes from that program.  I guarantee you.  What this is, is a science column where they answer questions written in by readers.  The headline exactly:  "Dear Science:  Why Aren't Apes Evolving into Humans?" You know what the answer is, by the way? Quick answer: Dear so-and-so... "We are apes."

RUSH:  I thought I had adjusted to it, but I haven't.  It just makes me sick.  It depresses me.  It makes me sick all over again.  This Benghazi thing, it's so emblematic of what has happened to us as a country.  It is so enlightening as to what has happened to institutions that we need to be able to trust... To watch the media today after Gowdy and his committee went out there and they all made statements, announced the substance of their report, summary-wise, it was clear that the media is not interested in what's in the report, which doesn't surprise me.  I'm just telling you.  They don't care what's in the report.  They're characterizing the report in two ways.  They're saying, A, nothing new, and, B, Hillary had nothing to do with it.  The committee does not indict Hillary Clinton.  The committee does not lay blame at the feet of Hillary Clinton. 

RUSH: We have a terrorist group who has a perfect understanding -- a better understanding -- of how the American left and the Democrat Party operate than half the people that vote in this country.  We have a terrorist group, which is much more informed and clever than half the people that vote in this country about the Democrat Party and the American left.  

RUSH: The Democrats did not even participate in the official House committee investigation of Benghazi.  The Democrats didn't even show up. They have released their own report, and here's all you need to know about it: "A 339-page report released by Democrats on the House Select Committee on Benghazi mentions Donald Trump 23 times."  Donald Trump wasn't even on the public scene when Benghazi happened.  He might have been on TV commenting about it as an infrequent guest, but what did Trump have to do with Benghazi?  Nothing.  

RUSH: Security risk? Long ago established.  The fact that this doesn't bother half the country, that's always been my concern..  The media, in the founding days of the Constitution, the purpose of the media was to make sure that powerful government officials were held accountable.  It really was.  I mean, it was founders who hated the media like everybody else hates the media, but they understood the role they played.  This media long ago when it comes to Hillary Clinton/Bill Clinton and the Democrat Party? No, no, no, no.  They're the Democrat Party now. There is no media. 

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