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ADAMS: They don't need to have a discussion about whether or not his wife is going to be indicted.  They aren't that stupid.  They know how the bureaucracy works.  I was in the bureaucracy.  I know how it works.  And career DOJ lawyers don't want to fight their superiors.  They don't want to put up a battle to indict Hillary when it looks like the fix is in.  And so the ministerial state can read the tea leaves, the bureaucrats can read the tea leaves and know that they'll have a fight on their hands if they try to indict.  It's even bigger than the fight they thought they had in the first place.

RUSH: Folks, I'm gonna tell you what I think is actually going on here.  I think we are being played in the standard, common, everyday way the Clinton team plays the American people.  It has happened I can't count the number of times dating back to when Bill Clinton was in the White House. Essentially what this is -- and the Lynch-Clinton meeting is the latest ingredient -- we're being set up for massive disappointment, depression, and dispiritedness... When she skates, they want you depressed, they want you down in the dumps, they want you giving up, they want you thinking there's no way you can win.  They want you thinking they can get away with everything.  That's the Clinton MO, and we are right smack-dab in the middle of another such play. Don't doubt me.

RUSH: If you're standing where Bill and Hillary are, you've got to be livid over this because you know that your president, Barack Obama, fellow Democrat could shut this down any time he wanted to.  He could end this. He could have ended it years ago. He could end it yesterday. He could have ended it last week.  And he doesn't.  And they have to be fuming. 

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