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RUSH: Everybody knows that what is going to happen tonight is unconstitutional.  It is like we're gonna put the Constitution up on a wall and Obama is gonna start shooting a BB gun at it and we're all gonna tune in at eight o'clock and watch it.  And then we're gonna talk about what we saw later on tonight and tomorrow.  Meanwhile, tomorrow the Constitution is still gonna have some BB holes in it.  

RUSH: It used to be that elections stopped out-of-control parties and out-of-control politicians.  They got the message.  The Democrat Party doesn't care.  Obama on down, they don't care what the electorate thinks, what the electorate does, as evidenced by what is going to happen tonight.  They don't care.  And, until such time as somebody decides a way to stop them, this is gonna keep on happening.

RUSH: It sounds exactly like something a Republican consultant would say, "Now, look, don't get mad here.  The Hispanics are gonna see it; they're not gonna like it. It's gonna destroy every effort we're making of building a bridge to the Hispanic community.  Don't get mad at Obama.  Remember, you were elected to come here and work with Obama."  

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