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RUSH: I do get some pleasure, just a little pleasure -- it's very limited -- when I listen to all of the people who told us in the first three months of 2009 what a brilliant man this was... Okay, we don't have a strategy yet to deal with ISIS.  And not only do we not have a strategy to deal with ISIS, the president of the United States told 'em that.  He told them that in a press conference yesterday. Then he told Putin and the Russians that we're not gonna do anything about whatever's going on in Ukraine. And then he said that we're never gonna be able to vanquish ISIS... Can you imagine if that had been the attitude about Hitler and the Nazis?  Can you imagine if that had been the attitude about imperial Japan back in World War II?  Can you imagine if that been the attitude about the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall? 

CALLER: I'd like the know why Mr. Obama, he's about to grant amnesty to all the immigrants that came over here illegally. I'm a black male from Miami, and when the Cubans come here, if they make it to land, they get to stay. And if the Haitian people come over, regardless if they make it to land or not, they get sent back.

RUSH: Here we are basically six days from the opening game of the NFL season, and we're talking about suspensions for spouse abuse and how the commissioner's two-game suspension wasn't enough, the media demanded more, and now it's six games first offense.  And the big question in sports media today is, "Will the Ravens do the right thing and suspend Ray Rice for six games now instead of two?"

RUSH: The press secretary today said:  Nah, nothing to sweat here, no sweat. There's no ISIL here. There's no possibility of an ISIL attack. They're not even plotting one on the homeland. Chuck Hagel:  This is the biggest threat we've seen, and we should be getting ready to be attacked. Utter chaos. 

RUSH: The Obama agenda's on the march.  The White House, the EPA, the IRS, they're all full speed ahead. The DOJ, they're doing everything they can to implement Obama's agenda.  "Yes, we can" is still what is mobilizing the true believers in the Regime.  Don't be fooled.  

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