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The Clinton Family's Limbaugh Obsession

Last night on the Fox News Channel, Dick Morris related a story that constitutes more evidence of the obsession William Jefferson Clinton has with this program. You can hear in the audio link below how Clinton supposedly first heard about this program - during his presidency in a phone call from his mother-in-law - and then called Morris about it at 1AM. I don't necessarily believe the details of the story. I think it's a little bit fabricated, because I know Clinton talked about me before his election....

Ken Starr Tips Us Off on Estrada

Democrats claim to want "full disclosure." (They held a hearing for Estrada when they controlled the Senate, so why didn't they ask their questions then?) Hey, we're all for full-disclosure, too! Ted Kennedy on Chappaquiddick; Hillary Clinton on Rose Law Firm's billing records; Bill Clinton on Juanita Broaddrick's rape charges - and how about full disclosure on how much Tom and Linda Daschle make off Mrs. Daschle's lobbying of the House? I'd pronounce all the legislation she lobbies for DOA until...

Daschle Stripped Naked Yet Again On Estrada

Senator Daschle, it is you who opposed the Homeland Security bill and held it up. You guys are standing in the way of what the president wants to do in the war on terror and have nothing to offer for the economy. It's outrageous to accuse Estrada of stonewalling the U.S. Senate when it's Tom Daschle that's stonewalling the U.S. Senate. Miguel Estrada is watching his reputation besmirched by a bunch of clowns who couldn't hold his robes, if you ask me.
Senator Daschle has boxed in his party,...

Estrada Qualifications Blow Away Breyer and Ginsburg

Now let's look at Bill Clinton's two Supreme Court nominees, both of whom were confirmed to that court - one above the one Estrada would sit on - with GOP support. First, Ruth Bader Ginsburg: After law school she clerked for a district court judge, which is below an appeals court judge. She then became a professor at Rutgers law school and began litigating for the ACLU. She then joined Columbia law school's staff, continued to litigate for the ACLU and argued six Supreme Court cases. She was...

Democrats' Effort To Derail Estrada Hits Sour Note With Sylvia, Raphael ? and Millions of Hispanic Americans Like Them

As evidenced by our phone call from Sylvia in Wisconsin, an Hispanic Democrat, the people of this country are seeing what the Democrats are doing, and it's outraging them. It is angering them to no end. I joked early in the program that Univision ought to broadcast this Senate debate so Hispanic America can see what's happening, but they don't need Univision, me or anybody else to tell them about this. It's on display. The Democrats are slitting their own throats, and that's why I say let them...


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