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Nobel Peace Prize Proven to Be Political Pap Prize

When a former president meets with a dictator, it sends the message to his people that he's legitimate and powerful - especially when that man holds the Nobel Peace Prize. But that prize is now tarnished and meaningless. The committee admitted giving it to Carter to send a political message to President Bush. Now they've nominated Bono and the former governor of Illinois, that Republican who emptied death row as the final act of a tarnished political career.
When you look at the results Carter...

It?s 1992 All Over Again For Pretty Boy Edwards

Of course, the definition of recession is two consecutive quarters of declining GDP, which we don't have now. George W. Bush is the first president with an MBA, but ambulance chasing trial lawyer John Edwards knows more about economics?
If you have any doubt that these people are trying to position themselves to take advantage of bad news, look no further than John Edwards. Why lie about this? He's supposed to be the new kid on the block, the bright-eyed young contender, but does he bring...


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