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It Was Ted Kennedy, Not Rush Limbaugh, Who Called Barack Obama "Osama"

RUSH: Those of you in Chicago listening to WLS 890 AM, going to give you a few more minutes here, five or ten minutes to contact Andrew Greeley, a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. He had a piece on December 8th that I wish to comment on, a specific portion of it directed at him. So if any of you there know him -- and with the vast reach of the tentacles of this poisonous program, as he referred to it in his column, he referred to me as "poisonous," the "poisonous tentacles" of this program...

Nurses Go After the Heart Attack Grill

RUSH: As we left you yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, we were teasing you with this story from Tempe, Arizona. "The Heart Attack Grill, a theme restaurant. Specialties include the quadruple bypass burger and flatliner fries which are cooked in pure lard, making health care professionals' blood pressure rise and not because of the menu. It's because of the waitresses. The waitresses are dressed as naughty nurses." The waitresses are dressed up "as scantily clad nurses. They wear skimpy cleavage-bearing...

Heather: Eye Candy Haircuts

RUSH: Heather in the Claremont, Oklahoma, welcome to the EIB Network. Welcome.
CALLER: Hello. How are you?
RUSH: Good, thank you, how are you?
CALLER: Pretty good. Pretty good. I have a question for you. It kind of goes in line with your little diner with the nurses, the sexy nurses in the --
RUSH: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Don't call this place a diner. This is the Heart Attack Grill.
CALLER: Heart Attack Grill, okay. Well, I live in a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we have...


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