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"Will Media Matters report that I apologized to the troops, period? Which isn't what I did. I apologized on behalf of Media Matters."

"One daythere was a Federal Express package for me. Inside in a Ziploc bag was an American flag. I read the letter and found out that that flag had been flown during the original invasion of Iraq in 2003 in my honor. And I looked at this, and I started crying."

"There's a little problem brewing in New York for Mrs. Clinton. As you now know, sure winners in New York do not win -- look at the New York Mets."

"We all know what Mrs. Clinton's laugh is about. That laugh is a signal to whoever asks her a question she doesn't want to answer: 'Your testicles could end up in my lockbox if you keep persisting in this way.'"

"Hillary's afraid to specifically tell people what she wants to do because that would be the end of her. She is a hard-core liberal. Hard-core liberals do not win national elections."

"I'm for liberty, liberals are for control, and I don't want them controlling my life -- and you shouldn't want them controlling yours, Billy, although it sounds like they already do."

"Do me a favor: I want you to hear my interview with Clarence Thomas. You know, we could've cut this down to 45 minutes, but it's pretty powerful, inspirational, and motivational."

"My father would not believe any of this. He just wouldn't believe that his son has become the focal point of Democrats in the House and Senate, someone targeted for destruction and smeared as a private citizen."

"I went over to visit some bases in Afghanistan, and not all of the troops were happy with me in terms of my politics. But I told every damn one of them that I was in awe of them."

"What I want to do now is demand that Harry Reid come on this program and confront me like a man -- live, unedited. Come on this show and let's go at it. I'm not going to allow hack politicians to lie about what I said anymore."



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