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Four Great NFL Playoff Games


RUSH: I want to grab a quick phone call here. Simi Valley, California, this is Tony. Tony, thanks for calling. Go ahead and gloat. I know you're calling about the Chargers and how I blew that game.

CALLER: Rush, you're right 98.9% of the time. I just want to tell you: you have gone down to 98.7. Remember your comment, "Never bet against the Patriots when they have two weeks to prepare against Jacksonville"? I just want to tell you: "Never bet against the Chargers when they've had a week to prepare for the Colts."

RUSH: Yeah, but look, you look at my whole record over the weekend, and I was 75% against the spread. I took the Jaguars plus 13-1/2. I took the Giants plus 7-1/2. Wait a minute. No, I was 50%. No, I took the Seahawks plus eight. Blew that, too. Had I known it was going to snow the whole game, I'd have taken the Packers. So I was 50% in the spread. But you're right, it was a fabulous game, Indianapolis and the Chargers, and the Chargers surprised everybody with, you know, Tomlinson going down and then the quarterback going down. I'll tell you, all four games this week were just so damn much fun to watch. What a great birthday present for me on Saturday and Sunday. These four games, they could not have been better. Now, granted, I'm watching these games and I don't have a vested interest because my team is out, the Pittsburgh Steelers. So it's a lot less painful to watch these games when the team you really care about is not playing. You can watch this and just marvel. I watched the Giants and Cowboys game with somebody who hates the Giants. That was fun (laughter) to watch that take place. Anyway, Tony, I appreciate the phone call.



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