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Rush's Morning Update: The Recipe January 16, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: The Recipe
January 16, 2008

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You know, you can always tell which Republicans the Drive-By Media favors in the primariesby their fawning coverage. Their objective is to drive Republicans to a candidate sure to lose to the Democrat.

Here's a case in point: [a] Jan. 14th Washington Post article casting McCain as a sympathetic "victim" of the Republican establishment-- an iconoclast facing "payback" from political foes in his own party. Included among them are gun owners, anti-tax crusaders, anti-illegal-immigration groups, and religious activists. In other words: conservatives. McCain has proudly snubbed them all, reports The Post; he considers them "special interests." One operative advised McCain not to even "waste an ounce of time on these self-appointed" conservatives. After all, victory will shut 'em up. A McCain adviser declares: "In three or four weeks, everybody will be for McCain," reports The Post.

Now, theDrive-By coverage is the latest attempt, embraced by some candidates themselves, to redefine conservatism around a particular personality. But conservatives don't champion higher taxes, buy into the manmade global warming hoax, turn their back on the Constitution, craft amnesty deals for lawbreakers, or help liberals advance theirliberal agendaat the expense of conservative principles.

A candidate who supports and articulates a vision of liberty under God; limited government; low taxes; strong national defense; and personal responsibility appeals to Americansbecause those conservative principles built America. And that's why it's conservatism that leads Republicans to electoral victory --while embracing liberalism is the sure recipe for defeat.


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