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Rush's Morning Update: 101 January 24, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: 101
January 24, 2008

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You know, I've warned you about the election year drive for a so-called economic stimulus package; democrat proposals include more food stamps, banning real estate foreclosures, and so-called tax rebates. As I told you, food stamps don't qualify as a stimulus,banning foreclosures will kill the housing industry, and Democrats' notion of tax rebates is to give taxpayer money to people who don't pay taxes.

Don't doubt me.

Folks, look at me.New York Senator Chuck Schumer and House Democrats are now demanding tax rebates for people who do not pay income taxes.Schumer adds: "...as well as some spending stimuli for, say, people who are unemployed." I kid you not! Democrats complain that those who are too poor to pay income taxes do pay Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes. Yeah, and they draw more than they put in to both entitlement programs.

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate a simple truth: Democrats believe that capitalism is evil and that the redistribution of income is the only road to their prosperity (and not anybody else's). Democrats take from earners and give to those who don't earn. Behind every program they offer, you'll find the income of hard-working achievers being confiscatedand used to buy favor with large voting blocks-- who will remain in squalor and in the debt of Democrats.

There are only two things liberal Democrats believe are worth stimulating, and that'sthe welfare state and their own reelection chances.

This update has been a lesson... in Liberal Economics101.


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