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DNC Sponsors S&M Event


RUSH: Now, moving on to other items in the news. "The 20th annual meeting of the nation's second most powerful homosexual activist group is welcoming some new participants--" Mike, how quickly could you find Klaus Nomi? It's been so long since we have heard from Klaus Nomi and You Don't Know Me, which is our official Gay Community Update theme song, and I would like to have the Klaus Nomi official Gay Community Update theme song. All right, it's been so long since we had one of these, let's just do this, the Gay Community Update, and go back to the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites for the late, great Klaus Nomi and You Don't Know Me as our official update song.

(playing of You Don't Know Me)

"The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is holding its annual 'Creating Change' conference in Detroit this week. Its sponsors claim to have trained more than 30,000 activists since 1988. Peter LaBarbera with Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has reported on the event in the past. The event's handbook even addresses 'transgender restroom etiquette.'" The Democrat Party is endorsing this event where they will be presenting an award, this is in Detroit, the Creating Change Conference, they will be presenting an award for sadomasochism. "A sponsorship acknowledgement notes that the Democratic National Committee gave at least $2,500 to help pay for the event. The recipient of the 'Leather Leadership Award' is Guy Baldwin."

(continued playing of song)

A Leather Leadership Award.

(continued playing of song)

Klaus, let it rip, Klaus.

(continued playing of song) All right, the late, the great Klaus Nomi and our Gay Community Update theme song, You Don't Know Me, Democratic National Committee sponsoring an event honoring sadomasochism. The DNC giving $2,500 to help pay for the event. The recipient of the Leather Leadership Award, Guy Baldwin, a psychotherapist who has successfully lobbied against treating sadomasochism as a mental health problem, gets an award funded by the Democrat National Committee. This guy will have it on his résumé. He could be a future Minority Whip in the Democrat Party.



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