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Big-Tent GOP's Failure to Uphold Conservatism Caused This Mess

RUSH: I went to Washington last night for dinner, and I told the staff, I didn't tell you people this, but I told the staff when we finished the program I had to record the Morning Update, and I said, "I gotta scram. I gotta go to Washington for dinner," and they didn't say anything. I got back about two in the morning, and my 16 gig iPhone had arrived yesterday, I'm thinking, "God, I want to get back and activate this thing." So I went to my library about 2:30 to start activating it and after...

Why Rush Can't Endorse McCain

RUSH: Morgan in Apple Valley, California, I'm glad you waited. Nice to have you on the program.CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I do not think that Obama's rhetoric is empty. I am of the opinion that he is skillfully using soaring rhetoric to make desire a fact; desire becomes policy position. I don't hear people say, "I agree with his policies and positions." I hear, "I believe in Obama."RUSH: Right.CALLER: And rather than write his rhetoric off as empty, I would like to see someone do a thesis-level...

Pipe Dream: Romney '08 Return

RUSH: Here's Skip in El Segundo, California. Great to have you with us.CALLER: Dittos, Rush.RUSH: Hi.CALLER: It's a honor to speak to you. I had the privilege of seeing you in UC Irvine a long time ago.RUSH: Wow! That's way back in like '89 or '90.CALLER: Way back there. Hey, I'm furious all the callers are suggesting you're responsible for the outcome of the Republican primary. Those callers should look at the bigotry of the far right that is so concerned about their freedom of religion,...

Rush's Time Capsule Prediction

RUSH: I have to go to New York this afternoon. There's some work being done here at the estate down in Florida. I have to decamp for four or five days. I'm thinking of organizing a meeting with the talk show hosts to plan a strategy; to conspire with the other hosts, to see what we do and where we go from here. I'll let you know if it happens. I'll let you know with who. Actually, I think... (interruption) Oh. Everybody is saying, "When are you going to do your time capsule?" I announced last...

Again: This Mess Is Not Our Fault

RUSH: Now, another thing, before we go to the break, this was last night, I was finishing show prep, and a dear, dear friend of mine in New York, is very, very much worried about me. "Rush, you're going to endorse McCain at some point, aren't you? You know, he's probably going to lose anyway, but if you don't endorse him you're going to get the blame. The whole Republican Party is going to blame you." I wrote back, "How? I'm irrelevant. I have been defeated. I have been relegated to the ash...

Obama Hopes to Pull Out of Iraq

RUSH: I spent a lot of time in the airplane, so I'm watching a lot of news. I essentially flew ten hours for a four-hour dinner. It's cool. It was fun. Out to California. And I noticed something. And at first it kind of went over my head, because I don't make things about me. Other people are doing that, but not I. I kept noticing all these pundits on all these chat shows saying, "Yeah, the press, they really want Obama to win. They really want Obama to do well." And of course it kind...

Al-Qaeda in Iraq in Total Collapse; Pelosi Declares Surge a Failure

RUSH: I want to get this news in during our first hour today, because this is the hour broadcast around the world on the Armed Forces Radio network. It's from the Times of London. "Al-Qaeda Leaders Admit: 'We are in Crisis. There is Panic and Fear' -- Al-Qaeda in Iraq faces an 'extraordinary crisis.' Last year's mass defection of ordinary Sunnis from Al-Qaeda to the US military 'created panic, fear and the unwillingness to fight'. The terrorist group's security structure suffered 'total collapse.'...

The Democrat Uncivil War Rages

RUSH: This Obama guy is just running away with this. I mean, you've got the "Potomac primary" they're calling tomorrow. He could run away with every... Mrs. Clinton is looking down the road to Ohio and Texas as her next firewall. Mrs. Clinton has gotten rid of Patti Solis Doyle, campaign manager; brought back Maggie Williams from her chief of staff days in the White House; the same Maggie Williams who an investigator says he saw running out of Vince Foster's office with some files when it had been...

Mike Huckabee Is Not Going Away

RUSH: Mike Huckabee is continuing to run as though he has a chance for the Republican nomination. He swept two out of three states over the weekend, and Washington is up for grabs and he's up in arms about it being up for grabs. They stopped counting with 87% of the votes in, and he's very suspicious. The party went ahead and declared McCain the winner, and they're going to have final results today. But get this, Huckabee is starting to sound like us. "Huckabee suggested the Republican Party...

Rush's Morning Update: Clarification February 12, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: ClarificationFebruary 12, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Last week, the Berkeley, California, city council voted to send a letter to the United States Marines. The letter advised that Marine recruiters were no longer welcome in Berkeley, and that any recruiter who stayed in Berkley would be considered"uninvited and unwelcome intruders."And in solidarity with the fringe-kook left, Berkeley's elected...

Monday Quotes: The Johnny Appleseed of American Politics

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"If it ever gets to the point where 99% of you think that I'm all wrong about something and I don't think I'm wrong, I'm not siding with the 99%.""I'm not able to play the AT&T National Pro-Am tournament this week, of course, because of my devotion and duty to you people here in the audience. Although, I don't know if it's appreciated or not." "I think the strain of all this is showing on Mrs. Clinton. Well, she was wearing these...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: A Great Night at the Jim Nantz DinnerRUSH: I want to thank Jim Nantz, by the way. Jim Nantz, every Saturday night out at Pebble Beach at the AT&T National Pro-Am, has a dinner. He tries to re-create the social atmosphere when Bing Crosby ran that thing when it was called Clambake, and he has a dinner every Saturday night of the tournament at the Sardine Factory on Cannery Row. It's a great place, and it's always a great dinner. It's down in a wine cellar, big, long table, about 30 people...


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