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Rush's Morning Update:

Rush's Morning Update:Buzz Off
February 13, 2008

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A new invention in England has created a buzz --literally. It's a device called the "Mosquito," which emits a high-frequency noise that teenagers find annoying. People over 20 are immune-- they can't hear the high-frequency sound. Shopkeepers have been using the Mosquito to keep teens from congregating around their establishments. An efficient solution; no harm done; no loitering rowdy teens.

Now, enterthe liberals. Shami Chakrabarti, director of the civil rights group Liberty, complains: "Imagine the outcry if a device was introduced that caused blanket discomfort to people of one race or gender-- rather than our kids. The Mosquito has no place in a country that values its children and seeks to instill them with dignity and respect." Well, how's this for respect, Shami: These "kids" ought tostop disrupting businesses!

England's Commissioner for Children, Al Aynsley-Green, told the BBC that the Mosquito "is a powerful symptom of what I call the malaise at the heart of our society. I'm very concerned about what I see to be an emerging gap between the young and the old, the fears, the intolerance, even the hatred, of the older generation toward the young." He called the Mosquito a "quick fix";it doesn't solve the "root cause" of the problem, though --youth supposedly have nowhere else to go.

Yeah.No matter the country, it's the same liberal poppycock! I'm sure the only question many Americans have is: Where can we buy one of these things? I'd love to have one of these Mosquitos, frankly, folks! Where can we get one?


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