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Tuesday Quotes: The Real Captain America


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"Senator Obama is not the agent of racial healing. He is the product of it."

"Barack Obama blamed Jeremiah Wright's hatred on his generation, but there were a lot of blacks who grew up in the '50s and '60s who did not become Jeremiah Wright. Just because you grew up then does not entitle you to hate the country and build a ministry around it."

"America has transcended race; there is so much evidence of that that I don't even want to waste time citing it. But Barack Obama's church hasn't. His speech was an act of political necessity, not courage."

"Obama may want us to stop playing Reverend Wright videos and audios, but not here! I think we need a Reverend Wright segment every day on this program so that Americans know what's going on in the church of the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee."

"Stop the tape! 'Fierce critic', my sizable rear end! Yeah, it's a little larger than it was a year ago. I gotta work on it."

"I'm an individualist. I don't want to be told that I am who I am because of people way back in my family or the genetic code that led me to be born the way I'm born, because that gives me an excuse for being whatever reprobate I want to be."

"Here is Barack Obama's speech in a nutshell: 'Racism is wrong. Barking-mad racism and hate -- as uttered by Reverend Wright -- is wrong, but it's justified because we don't have nationalized health care.'"

"The greatness of this country did not come about by virtue of government policy. It came about by the ingenuity and creativity of the hard-working American."

"We all go through life not being liked by people, but you don't surrenderpower to those people to reshape your life in bitterness and rage for the rest of your days. You only get one life, and you have to make the most of it -- and with conservatism you can."

"If you 'profoundly disagree' with the Reverend Wright, Senator Obama, then why did you give him an advisory role in your campaign?"



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