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Rush's Morning Update: Lib Lies April 9, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: Lib Lies
April 9, 2008

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In the last twoelections, liberals tried to convince you that conservative Republicans are pro-disease. You were told that embryonic stem cell research holds the only hope for curing Parkinson's and other diseases,but the eeeevil Republicans are standing in the way.

Millions of dollars were spent smearing conservativeswho oppose research on embryos for one reason only, and that isit requires the destruction of life. But conservatives' Constitutionally based commitment to protect life infuriates the left. They accuse conservatives of imposing their small-minded religious views on the nation.

I mean, the liberals even used a stricken Hollywood actor to target their political enemies. John Edwards promised that with John Kerry in the White House, Christopher Reeve would walk again.

Sowith so much invested in embryonic stem cells,why is it absent from this year's debate? Well, there's an answer:science. Everything liberals told you about embryonic stem cell research... has been disproved by scientific developments.

Why, just this week, researchers reported another step: Reprogrammed skin cells have eased the symptoms of Parkinson's disease in laboratory experiments.

Now, of course, there will be no apologies extended to those whose reputations were smeared and whose compassion was called into question. Nor will there be any acknowledgement that the effort to politicize the very curing of disease was built entirely on a house of lies, and spread by members of an unprincipled partywho will stop at absolutely nothing -- including lying to citizens -- to win elective office.

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