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Rush's Morning Update: International Notes April 18, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: International Notes
April 18, 2008

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Today, my friends,a brief review of international matters.

First, Mrs. Clinton. Apparently, shedoes have influence with her foreign allies.The government of socialist thug Hugo Chavez has implemented "the Hillary Tax." Starting this week in Venezuela, foreign oil companies will have to pay between 50 and 60 percent higher taxes on earnings-- which should pretty much wipe out profits. This is exactly what Senator Clinton promised to do to our oil companies, but Hugo got to the finish line first!

Next,as part of his outreach program to convince Jewish voters that he can be trusted on the Middle East,Senator Obama criticized former President Carter for meeting withHamas. Senator Obama, Jimmy Carter is doing what you said you would do:talk with our terrorist enemies! He is you! And you are him!(And you "are the ones we've been waiting for"?)

Incidently, Hamas leadership says Carter's visit has boosted their legitimacy. Another terrorist group aided and abetted by American Democrats and liberals.

Finally, despite offering apologies, kissing up, and prostrating on hands and knees,CNN'sstill in the ChiCom doghouse. The ChiComs remain upset over remarks by CNN commentator Jack Cafferty,who called ChiCom products "junk"and disparaged ChiCom leadership as "goons" and "thugs."

An editorial in the People's Daily,the Commie paper,accused Cafferty of inciting "verbal violence," and called CNN's work "information terrorism." CNN: The Information Terrorists! Why, the ChiComs have got it right!Give themcredit!


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