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Rush's Morning Update: Address to Troops! April 22, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: Address to Troops!
April 22, 2008

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From the EIBSouthern Command, I address you -- the brave soldiers of Operation Chaos. Today at0700 our forces will engage in the most decisive action to date in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The task before you is not easy. We must ensure the Clinton campaign is not routed. The outcome will restsquarely on you:the troops of Operation Chaos.

Despite the obstacles-- from Democrat officials threatening unconstitutional legal challenges, to Drive-By Media attacks from assailants -- you have performed brilliantly.

Let'spause to remember our humble beginnings. Obama was marching unscathed to the Democrat nomination. Calls were mounting for Mrs. Clinton to unconditionally surrender. Our objective was difficult: to get behind her with sufficient strength to keep her competitiveand wound Obama-- politically.

Thanks to you, the Democrat Party is today in chaos. The Clinton campaign is in striking distance of stealing the Democratic nomination. Senator Obama has been bloodied --politically. His radicalism, hisinexperience, have been exposed. Democrats are at war with themselves.

Yet there is more to do. You in North Carolina, you inIndiana must gird yourselves for battle. We must spread more Democrat chaos. Soon I, El Rushbo,commander of Operation Chaos, will proclaim "Mission Accomplished." So on to battle, my brave troops;Godspeed to our victory in Pennsylvania!

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