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Coming: The Fund for J.E.R.K.

RUSH: You know, people after this controversy last week in Denver, the phony controversy over riots in Denver at the Democrat National Convention, over the weekend, Al Sharpton said his objective after the verdict of the three cops [in NYC] was to shut down the city. And Al Sharpton has also said on The O'Reilly Factor back in early April, that if Obama doesn't get the nomination, if they take it away from him, he's going to go to Denver and demonstrate. So somebody said to me over the weekend,...

Democrats are in Total Chaos

RUSH: Helen in Bowling Green, Ohio. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Mega dittos, mega dittos, mega dittos.RUSH: Thank you. Thanks. Thanks very much.CALLER: The question is always asked, "Who is Barack Obama?" And I think we just need to connect the dots. In a biography that one of the Drive-By Media presented, we had, oh, poor Barack, he didn't have a dad and so Wright was somebody he could look up to, and so on and so forth.RUSH: Wait a second. Wait a second,...

Senator McCain Should Apologize to the North Carolina Republicans

RUSH: "The Republican candidate in a special election to fill an unexpectedly contested seat in a conservative Mississippi congressional district is using recent controversies surrounding Senator Barack Obama to tar his Democratic rival. A television ad from Southaven Mayor Greg Davis tells viewers that his Democratic rival, Travis Childers, a realtor and Prentiss County official, has accepted the endorsement of 'liberal Barack Obama.' Then, with Childers' face beside footage of Rev. Jeremiah...

Wright Issue Not About Religion

RUSH: To Dallas, this is Marilyn. Glad you called, Marilyn. Nice to have you here.CALLER: Yes, Rush. It's so good to talk to you!RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: I'm calling because I know using Obama's religion and the sermons, are taking him off guard. But I am so worried about religion being thrown into this, because I think it eliminates any chance that Romney might be picked as a vice presidential candidate, because that would open the field for them to use his Mormonism against him.RUSH: I don't...

Democrats Doubt the Savior, as the New Deal Coalition Crumbles

RUSH: Jason in Fort Lauderdale, you're next on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.CALLER: Hey, Rush. How you doing?RUSH: Just fine, sir.CALLER: I'm a progressive like I said to the guy on the phones, but, listen, I wanted to congratulate you on what I thought was a very fair-minded comment of yours last week about Senator Clinton. They keep calling on her to quit the race, but you said why should she quit, she keeps winning. And I just wanted to congratulate you on what I thought was a very fair-minded...

Does Wright Want Obama to Lose?

RUSH: I watched some of Reverend Wright this morning at the National Press Club. It seems obvious to me that he's doing everything he can to wipe out Obama's candidacy, and I'll tell you why I think it is. I think that people like Reverend Wright -- and I think there are a lot of other race business hustlers out there, by the way, who think this -- really upset that if a black candidate is elected president, that they're going to be somehow diminished in their task, at keeping everybody in their...

Huge Decision: Supreme Court Upholds Indiana Voter ID Law

RUSH: There's a big Supreme Court decision today, too, and this is really, really big and I want to pass this on to you. It's funny to read the AP version of this: "The Supreme Court ruled Monday that states can require voters to produce photo identification without violating their constitutional rights, validating Republican-inspired voter ID laws. In a splintered 6-3 ruling--" there's nothing splintered about this. The lead opinion was written by John Paul Stevens. He's a huge liberal on this...

Senator Salazar Copies Reid, Sends Letter Demanding Rush Reprimand

RUSH: They're still up in arms out in Denver on purpose. Senator Salazar, one of the original signers of the Harry Reid Smear Letter, has sent yet another letter to my syndication partners at Clear Channel asking that I be reprimanded for my comments about the Democrat National Convention in Denver. When are these people going to learn? I wonder, Senator Salazar, if you're going to send a note to Doug Wilder, who said that Chicago would be nothing compared to what Denver is going to be if Obama...

Rush's Morning Update: Liberation Reality April 29, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: Liberation RealityApril 29, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Yesterday Barack Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, took his routine to the National Press Club. As demonstrated by his speech and the Q&A session afterwards, here's how Reverend Wright's so-called liberation theology sees America:We are a nation forever damned by a history of slavery,deserving of terrorist attacks because we have "done terrorism"...

Monday Quotes: The Political Prince of Darkness

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"I have never been in a protest march. I work. I don't have time to waste." "If Obama doesn't get the nomination (and it looks like he might not) it won't be because of me or Hillary -- it will be because of Jeremiah Wright. This guy, folks... It seems obvious to me that he's doing everything he can to wipe out Obama's candidacy.""As I keep saying, the news business is the one business where it is standard operating procedure...

The Sanitizing of Reverend Wright

RUSH: I'm sure you know this by now. Reverend Wright is out there. There are excerpts of his interview with Bill Moyers. And let me explain something to you about Bill Moyers. A lot of people in e-mails ask, "Rush, does Bill Moyers actually agree with this guy? Why is Bill Moyers giving this guy all this time?" Let me explain Bill Moyers to you. Bill Moyers despises the New Media. He despises that his Old Media is no longer a monopoly. He may find... I don't know what his thoughts on Jeremiah...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: Dean: One Candidate Must Drop Out by June RUSH: Howard Dean has also changed his tune. Howard Dean, up until today was saying that the superdelegates have to make up their minds by June as to who's going to win this primary. Now he's is telling Obama and Hillary one of them is going to have to quit in June. Now, that's a far cry from getting the superdelegates to commit in June to solve this. If this is true, what it tells me is that Howard Dean is having major problems getting the superdelegates...


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