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Rush's Morning Update: More Money April 30, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: More Money
April 30, 2008

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With rising prices, food riots, and uncertainty over food supplies worldwide,Democrats want more money. "This is the worst global food crisis in more than 30 years," says Democrat senator Dick Durbin. He seeks a $200 million increase for international food relief programs.

Meanwhile, Tyson Foods-- one of the world's largest food producers-- issued a warning of their own. They may have to spend a billion dollars more than last yearjust to keep up with skyrocketing chicken feed. Tyson CEO Richard Bond is calling on the US government to change its ethanol policyto bring down the cost of corn. "Higher food costs is only one of the many unintended consequences" of price supports for ethanol, he says. He alsowarns that it's going to get worse: Current prices haven't yet caught up with the added costs of producing food,so you can look forward to even higher prices.

Let me give you alla prediction: The real fallout from the "global food crisis" will never be laid at the doorstep of those responsible. When tens of millions needlessly died from malaria after DDT was banned-- due to flawed research from environmentalistswackos and stupid "activists" -- nobody was ever heldto account. Likewise, those responsible for liberal junk-science environmental policies behind this food crisiswill never be held to account. (Well, they will by us, but not by the Drive-Bys.) Instead, while ignoring the deaths, the turmoil, and the worldwide calamities they cause(like Dick Durbin and Algore), they'll simply demand more money... to "fix" the problem they created.

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