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Trust Your Commander-in-Chief!

RUSH: Let's go Dallas. This is Patty. Patty, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Hi, Rush. I am really upset today, Rush, with you. I think you're trying to get Hillary elected, and I -- I never use the word "hate," but I hate this woman. She thinks she is owed the presidency, and you're telling the superdelegates to go for Hillary. I don't understand. I don't understand why you're not in North Carolina and Indiana, having Operation Chaos go to Obama.RUSH: Because that would not...

Take It from Dwayne, Superdelegates

RUSH: Here's Dwayne in Columbia, South Carolina. Nice to have you with us. Hello.CALLER: Good afternoon, Mr. Limbaugh.RUSH: Afternoon.CALLER: I want to say that I don't always agree with you, but I do recognize that you're one of the greatest minds of my time, and I'm 34 years old. Now I want to get to my point. I am not a registered Democrat, and I want to be honest, I was supporting Obama because he's black, and I wanted a black president because I'm black. But I will tell you that I do...

Understanding the American Media

RUSH: Raymond in Potomac, Maryland. Nice to have you here, sir. Hello.CALLER: It's an absolute honor to speak with you, Rush.RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: Rush, now that Hillary has Operation Reverend Wright working on her behalf I believe it may be the time to command your operatives in Indiana to vote for Obama. I think there's at least a tiny chance we can beat Obama because he's so well wounded, thanks to Operation Chaos. But, Rush, I really worry about this media. They've become so blatant...

Uniformed Chaos Operative Reports Live from Bill Clinton Rally

RUSH: To Dunn, North Carolina. Christopher, hello, and welcome.CALLER: Hello, Rush. Dittos from Dunn, North Carolina, in Harnett County.RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: Yes, sir. We are here. Bill Clinton is actually talking right now. (Clinton talking in the background.)RUSH: You are at a Clinton rally?CALLER: Yes, sir. We are here at a Bill Clinton rally for Hillary Clinton, and we are wearing --RUSH: Yeah, because she's at a gas station in South Bend.CALLER: Right. But Bill is here, and I...

Rush Addresses the Superdelgates

RUSH: Well, another superdelegate in the House of Representatives has announced her endorsement for Barack Obama. This is Lois Capps, who represents a district on California's Central Coast. She's the third member of Congress to announce an endorsement of Obama today, the day after he responded sharply to Reverend Wright. Snerdley, during the break here at the top of the hour, said, "I don't understand this. How can these superdelegates, how can they think they're going to win with this guy...

Obama's Religion Is Not the Issue

RUSH: Cheryl in Montgomery, Alabama, I'm glad you waited. Welcome to the program.CALLER: Hey, thank you. Rush, I just wanted to make a couple of comments. One of them is, you know, I'm just really curious as to why you feel it necessary to continue to run excerpts of Reverend Wright and Reverend Wright and Reverend Wright, as if your listeners aren't intelligent enough to make decisions based on the issues.RUSH: Because he keeps talking.CALLER: Well, I'm saying, but why do you keep giving...

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison on the Ethanol Debacle

RUSH: I'm really excited to have with us for a couple minutes here, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison from Texas, and I wish to speak to her about this ethanol problem because she's really on the case and has written an op-ed piece in Investor's Business Daily about this. Senator Hutchinson, welcome to the program. It's always nice to have you here and talk to you.SEN. HUTCHISON: It is great to be with you, Rush. We are listeners in our family. We think you have done a great job for kind of changing...

Drive-Bys Praise Obama's Poll-Driven Phoniness as "Courage"

RUSH: This I predicted. I'll give you an example here last night. For those of you who weren't here yesterday, I want to validate that I predicted this. This is what I said on yesterday's program.RUSH ARCHIVE: So we'll watch the Drive-By Media tonight do their best to spin this into an act of courage, something that's worthwhile of the Kennedy School of Government's award for the Profile in Courage. You know, every year Caroline Kennedy awards a Profile in Courage Award to a great political...

Start Writing, Senator Salazar: Roseanne Calls for Riots in Denver

RUSH: Roseanne Barr, I didn't know this, Roseanne Barr now has a talk show on something called Air America American Afternoon. She has an afternoon show on something called Air America, and she's called for riots in Denver. Here, grab audio sound bite number one. I'm hoping that Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado, I don't know if they're on the air out there, Air America. The name sounds vaguely familiar, but I can't place it. Anyway, this is what she said, or cohost. Well, the cohost isn't here...

WISH-ful Thinking in Indianapolis; Operational Pause Officially Lifted

RUSH: A TV station in Indianapolis thinks they caused the operational pause in Operation Chaos. WISH-TV, the anchor Eric Halvorson and his report last night on Operation Chaos.HALVORSON: Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh called for a pause in what he calls Operation Chaos. It's a call to conservatives to vote in Democratic primaries to extend the nomination battle. Yesterday, 24 Hour News 8 Jim Shella reported on official reactions to Operation Chaos here, a story Limbaugh referenced on the...

Rush's Morning Update: Think Big! May 1, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: Think Big!May 1, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Two parts of the Democrat Party coalition-- illegal-immigration activists and the civil rights crowd-- are feeling ignored. That's right, my friends: They're upset that the immigration debate has fizzled as a campaign issue. "It's a touchy subject," explains Luis Gutierrez, the head of a Chicago pro-illegal-immigrant group. So his organization and...

Wednesday Quotes: The Truth Detector!

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Is it likely that we know Barack Obama's preacher better than Barack Obama does? Because that's what it is being made to sound like.""Obama was pollingwhat to do about Reverend Wright! Everything about this man is straight-down-the-line, average, typical, run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter politician. He just happens to be an extreme left-wing radical as well." "I didn't know this, but apparently Roseanne Barr now has a talk show...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: Biofuels Make One Billion "Food Insecure" RUSH: There's a story here in the Associated Press -- one billion people are "food insecure" now. "Some top international food scientists yesterday recommended halting the use of food-based biofuels, such as ethanol, saying it would cut corn prices by 20 percent during a world food crisis... If leading nations stopped biofuel use this year, it would lead to a price decline in corn by about 20 percent and wheat by about 10 percent from 2009-10,...


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