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Wednesday Quotes: The Truth Detector!


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"Is it likely that we know Barack Obama's preacher better than Barack Obama does? Because that's what it is being made to sound like."

"Obama was pollingwhat to do about Reverend Wright! Everything about this man is straight-down-the-line, average, typical, run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter politician. He just happens to be an extreme left-wing radical as well."

"I didn't know this, but apparently Roseanne Barr now has a talk show on something called 'Air America'. The name sounds vaguely familiar... but I can't place it."

"Obama said, 'What became clear to me was that Wright was presenting a worldview that contradicts what I stand for.' When did that become clear, Obama? None of this washes, and the sycophantic reaction to this by the Drive-By Media is precisely why there is a New Media."

"The nightly newscasts are losing viewers. Take a look at their advertising -- it's mostly Preparation H stuff."

"Barack Obama has fallen so far off his lofty perch thathe has gone from messiah to trash collector within one month. Well, I don't want to insult trash collectors."

"To the Drive-Bys, the legacy of the '90s is: 'Whoa, what a great period of time! Peace and economic prosperity!' We had peace? Really? Somalia, Khobar Towers, USS Cole, the World Trade Center? Peace? In the '90s?"

"We just learned that Michelle Obama is going to be on CNN tonight to discuss Reverend Wright. Why? She is a volcano waiting to erupt -- this woman could go ballistic!"

"Quick: What's the name of this tune? Quick, quick! If I tell you who does the tune, would it help you? The tune is by Harry Nilsson, Jump Into the Fire -- not to be confused with the Troglodytes. Who produced it? Randy Newman? Richard Perry? Who is Richard Perry? Who cares?"

"If you work in cable TV and you want a facial expression expert, where do you go? The Yellow Pages?"



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