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Monday Quotes: The Man Who Runs America


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"I would go so far as to say that all of us at Operation Chaos are doing the job for Mrs. Clinton that her husband can't or won't do."

"This race is the reason Hillary put up with being married to that lug head. You really think she's going to say, 'Congratulations, Obama! You've run a really great race, and now I'm heading back to the kitchen to bake cookies'?"

"Here are today's orders for Indiana's Operation Chaos operatives: Flood these precincts! Indiana Democrat pooh-bahs do not get to intimidate us!"

"I just got a note from Cookie up in New York: 'I'm worried. You did not deny the crush on Hillary.' So I wrote her back: 'LOL.' She writes back: 'I'm serious. This could hurt you.'"

"Arianna Huffington sounds like a Bond girl, like Ernst Stavro Blofeld's mistress."

"Mrs. Clinton is saying that I have a crush on her; obviously they think this in the Clinton household. This probably explains why Bill Clinton hit on my date at the Kobe Club in New York last year."

"Remember when Hillary had that planted question up in New Hampshire? And she started crying? We at Operation Chaos came to her rescue -- her emotional rescue (Rolling Stones)."

"Our ratings are actually phenomenal. We've only recievedthe January-February-March rating period, but it's kick-ass."

"Operation Chaos voters, there are a number of things that you can do to avoid being challenged tomorrow. Here is a partial list: Do not bathe tonight. Do not shave if you are a man. Wear jeans, sandals, flip-flops,or Birkenstocks."

"Bye-bye, Claudette. What the hell was that, Snerdley?"



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