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The Street Sweetie Is Listening

RUSH: Over on CNBC, yesterday afternoon, Street Signs was the show. The Street Sweetie, Erin Burnett spoke with Jim Cramer. Cramer says, "Home builders go out of business, banks go out of business, and yet we sit here and we worry every minute? This used to be like dominoes: You go out of business, another business starts."BURNETT: People like Rush Limbaugh talk about this, and the playground, you know, how everybody has to be a winner --CRAMER: Right.BURNETT: -- and nobody is ever a loser? CRAMER:...

Vaclav Klaus on Communism and the Ideology of Environmentalism

RUSH: You want to hear some conservatism? Vaclav Klaus, president, Czech Republic, yesterday, National Press Club, trying to warn everybody in America that we are being hoaxed with global warming and Algore. Here is first of several bites we have from the president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus.KLAUS: I spent most of my life under the communist regime which ignored and brutally violated human freedom, and I remember quite well, wanted to command, not only the people, but also the nature,...

Operation Chaos Still Working

RUSH: You know what frustrates me about this? How right I am. You ever get those moments in your family, "If they only would just listen to me?" You know, this conservatism stuff, what's happened in the Republican Party, sometimes I feel that way. Look at this. This is from TIME Magazine's blog: "How the Democrat Nomination Fight Could Go Beyond Next Wednesday." (Gasp!) Really? Well, Operation Chaos is why, but get this. "If Clinton wants to go on after Tuesday's primaries, what will the...

Limbaugh Solution: Back Obama?

RUSH: At the top-of-the-hour break, Snerdley's question to me was, "Do you think most people don't get the concept of limited government because they've never seen it?" And I said, "Well, partially, but I think it's more than that." Twenty-four-seven, for I don't know how many years, the American people have been told how rotten their country is. They have been told how hopeless their future is. They have been told that the people who succeed in this country have somehow done it by hook or by...

Castellanos Calls for Conservative Surrender to Big Gov't Liberalism

RUSH: A piece that ran yesterday in National Review by Alex Castellanos called "Quo Vadis, GOP?" Castellanos is "a Republican media consultant who lives in Alexandria, Virginia," and he's all over cable TV doing Republican strategist talk. Have you noticed how many Republican and Democrat strategists these cable TV people come up with? I think they just grab good-looking people off the street and bring 'em in and say, "Do you know what the difference between a Republican and Democrat is?""Yeah."...

Fast Talker Responds to Darla

RUSH: Becky in Houston, I'm glad you called. You're next on the EIB Network.CALLER: Hello, Rush. First of all I want to say that it's really good to talk to you, okay?RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: I know there are a lot of issues. I've been listening to you since I was a senior in high school in 1992, and driving home, just listening, my dad and I listening to you some election coverage back when. And I listen to you now faithfully. I'm working out and I'm listening to you every time I exercise....

How Washington Culture Seduces

RUSH: Let me expand a little bit on this theory that I posited right before the conclusion of the previous hour, and that theory basically is we've seen this. I've always talked about the Washington culture, and I've joked here, but it's not really a joke. Over the course of almost 20 years, when I have to go to Washington, I say, "I'm not spending the night there." I'm not going to do my radio show from Washington. I mean, I love our affiliate there, WMAL, but I don't want to get caught in...

Darla in Bellingham, Washington: What Happened to Our Patriotism?

RUSH: We'll start with Darla in Bellingham, Washington. Hi, Darla, nice to have you here.CALLER: Hi, Rush. I tell you, I'm so... I'm so... I can hardly talk. I am so upset about this Scott McClellan book. I -- I have children and grandchildren that I have to try to protect in our great nation. And here for a buck, for payback, I don't care what it is. He can't wait 'til the president's out of office? We have to do things, and, of course, he has more credence because he's known, quote, unquote,...

The Obama Gaffe Machine Rolls On

The Barack Obama gaffe machine rolls on. At some point, ladies and gentlemen... The Drive-By Media out there saying, "You know, we gotta cut both these people, all three of these people some slack. I mean, it's a long campaign out there. There are going to be misstatements. As many words as these people speak, why, they can't possibly be expected to get everything right all the time. There are going to be slip-ups." Note that that is not something they extend to people like me who host radio...

Another Day, Another Republican Turncoat Accepts Premise of Left

RUSH: Well, another day, another Republican turncoat. We have more so-called conservatives and Republicans abandoning the cause, seeking approval from the left. It just seems to be an endless tide. Greetings, my friends. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. Great to be with you. The phone number if you want to join us today, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com. The oil price continues to fall today. It's 129, yesterday,...

Rush's Morning Update: 4-Way Screw! May 29, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: 4-Way Screw!May 29, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Plans are being laid for a massive political screw session in Washington this weekend. Late Tuesday, the Democrat National Committee and its lawyers distributed a memo to the Rules and Bylaws Committee who will decide if Florida and Michigan delegates will be seated at the party's convention.The lawyers took 38 pages to spell it out: the rules committee...

Wednesday Quotes: The Doctor of Democracy

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"I'm actually as proud of the people who hate me as I am of my friends, because they hate me for a good reason -- I'm a problem.""'UN peacekeepers andinternational aid workers from 23 organization have engaged in sexual exploitation of children, including some as young as six.' Meanwhile, these clowns send somebody to this country to inspect racism? Screw these people! This is the left's Abu Ghraib!""I just know Scott McClellan...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: Drive-By Panic: Oil Price Continues to Fall RUSH: The oil price continues to fall today. It was $129 yesterday, $127, $128 in some places today. I've been monitoring it for you. Totally "unexpected," as they say. And, of course, there's now panic in some Drive-By Media reporting over the fact that the price is falling. Story #2: ExxonMobil CEO Beats Rockefellers in Landslide RUSH: I got up today, and was reading my usual voluminous amount of reading material for Show Prep, and I saw that...


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