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Rush Solves the Bonfire Ban

RUSH: We're always trying to help out here at the EIB Network, always trying to come up with solutions. I think I've come up with one for those of you in Seattle all concerned about your upcoming bonfire ban. There's a way around this: Just use the American flag to get the fire going. Just get a whole bunch of American flags and do your bonfire with American flags instead of wood -- and, thereby, you can call it free speech; and voila! You have your bonfire! Just burn the American flag. Everybody...

The Left's Motives Don't Matter

RUSH: Ruth in Hemet, California, it's great to have you here.CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Thank you for your continuing education. I'm calling regarding the bonfires on the beaches?RUSH: Yes.CALLER: The government has already restricted many uses of campsites in the mountains. Now they're working on the beaches -- and by extension, I think, so many people celebrate the Fourth of July with bonfires and they're on the beaches, many of them. I think that's part of the whole conspiracy, and I'm very slow...

Why Men Hate Sex and the City

RUSH: There's a little story here in Madison, Wisconsin. It's by somebody named Michael James Moore: "Why Do Men Hate 'Sex and the City'?" Dawn, have you been to see Sex and the City? Never watched the show, she has no intention of going to see the movie. It did gangbusters out there in its opening weekend. I don't know if Dr. De Cock was in the audience, but it did something like $55 million and chick flicks do not do that well. Most people don't see them. Chicks do. But this attracted all...

What Can You Do? Show Up!

RUSH: I checked the email here in the break. "Rush..." It's the same old question I keep getting for two or three weeks. Any time I discuss the failure of the Republicans to counter the leftism in the Democratic Party, it's, "Well, what can we do? What can we do?" Well, let me give you an example. To those of you in Seattle. Now, I know that the majority of the population in Seattle is leftists, and when they read about the bonfire ban -- the possible bonfire ban. They're going to limit the...

Keep the Reagan Legacy Alive

RUSH: Sue in Austin, Texas, hi. CALLER: Hi, Rush. It's a pleasure to speak to you.RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: I just wanted to tell you that I agree wholeheartedly with you that we must keep President Reagan's legacy in the forefront, and that whoever -- the Rockefeller Republicans or John McCain, whoever is trying to shove him away -- they need to know...RUSH: They're not trying to shove him away. They're trying to take his name and attach it to theirs, while ignoring why Ronald Reagan is relevant....

Never Give Up, Mrs. Clinton? Tell it to the Rest of the Country

RUSH: One of the elements of Mrs. Clinton's speech, here's Hillary Clinton as big a leftist as is Obama, as big a leftist as anybody in MoveOn.org. They're all leftists in this party to people that are running it. She's standing up there and she's saying my candidacy has proved you can do anything you want. Work hard, never give up, and if you get knocked down, get right back up. We've all heard this. It used to be standard stuff, and it still is in sports. Well, not even in sports. Now we...

The Time Has Come to Say, "Stop!"

RUSH: I want to ask all of you a question, and I would like to be able to ask this question to everybody who is not listening to the program right now. What's it going to take? How long is it going to be before you all have had enough of the encroachment of your freedom and your liberty? How long is it going to be before you stand up and tell the leftists in this country, "Stop, shut up. Go back home. We are not going to let you ruin this country." At what point, and this is not even about Obama....

Off Prompter, Obama Can't Speak

RUSH: Over the weekend, the guy that runs the Little Green Footballs blog, Charles Johnson, found a bunch of things on Obama's website. One of them was the truth of the Jewish lobby and it was one of the most anti-Semitic posts that you've ever seen, and it was still up there, and finally the Obama website took it down. There was also praise from some Muslim militant that was on the website. There are a lot of things -- and I told you this during the primaries and the superdelegates know this...

Mrs. Clinton Didn't Endorse Obama

RUSH: I hope that you had a great weekend. I certainly did. No, Snerdley, she didn't endorse Obama. Everybody is missing what happened Saturday with Mrs. Clinton. She said the words, but she didn't endorse Obama. I tuned in Saturday morning and I wanted to see this because I had seen throughout the weekend, on Friday anyway, Friday afternoon, that the Drive-Bys , particularly CNN and DNCTV, MSNBC, were covering this withdraw from the race unbelievably like it was a funeral, like it was a major...

Rush's Morning Update: Drive-By Remorse June 10, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: Drive-By RemorseJune 10, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Now that Hillary Clinton has "suspended" her campaign, some Drive-By journalists are soul-searching. AP writer David Bauder laments that his fellow Drive-Bys spent more time speculating when Mrs. Clinton would call it quitsthan they did covering the Iraq war, gas prices, foreclosures, or trying to nail John McCain to the wall.None of this was...

Monday Quotes: The Man Who Runs America

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"How long before you've had enough encroachment of your freedom and your liberty? How long before you tell the leftists to stop and shut up?""The leftist agenda is to make sure that this country is in a constant state of decline, to make sure that the people in this country are brought down to size. They feel the American people needbe punished for their sin of prosperity." "I could spend the next 20 minutes talking to you about...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: Steve Jobs Releases New iPhone FeaturesRUSH: It's a big day today, folks, and I'm a little excited sitting here. In less than one hour, his Steveness, Steve Jobs will address a worldwide developer's conference and announce whatever is new in the new iPhone and the new iPhone software. I don't know, I'm just a techie. I just love this stuff. Story #2: US Senate Privatizes Its Failing RestaurantsRUSH: I'm going to read you a little passage here, ladies and gentlemen, a little quote from...


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