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Monday Quotes: Doctor of Democracy


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"McCain's going to try to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, and won't raise taxes other than for global warming stuff. We'll work on that."

"There's been an element of the Republican Party that has always been somewhat shy of having conservatism as the dominant force."

"The messiah, Barack Obama, is now accusing the Republicans of race. Never mind it was the Democrat Party that made racism and sexism the hallmarks of their campaign. This is typical. This is Obama trying to shut it all down, and it actually is insulting."

"The Puffster is one of Obama's big supporters, and guess what? Daschle's up to his ears in ethanol. He's on the board of three different ethanol companies."

"I am the topic in the Drive-By Media many times, but I try not to make myself the topic of this program. However, there are those occasions where it is unavoidable for me to talk about me."

"There is no rational explanation for liberalism, folks. One of the biggest mistakes we all make is trying to explain it rationally."

"The nomination of McCain is basically an attempt to rid the Republican Party of conservative influence, as you can see by McCain consistently reaching out across the aisle to independents and Democrats."

"Brian Lehrer is a good card-carrying New York liberal, and he's very dull as a result. He's very boring and very dry. And as such, is regaled as very intelligent."

"The fact of the matter is that up 'til now, the Republican Party base has been conservative, and it still is. If you go back and look at McCain's primary campaign, you will see he clearly was trying to wear the hat of Ronald Reagan warrior, Ronald Reagan inheritor."

"No matter what it is, the liberals are always on offense and setting the agenda and causing us to respond to it."



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