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Rush's Morning Update: Fitting June 30, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: Fitting
June 30, 2008

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For decades, the managers and owners of professional sports have been vilified for a lack of diversity in their ranks. Women, we are told, are under-represented, minorities are excluded, while the "good ole boy network" thrives.

Turns out, there is a bigoted good-ole-boy network operating in sports, but not among management. It's on the back pages of your Drive-By newspaper.

A new study finds that 78% of the staffs at newspapers and websites belonging to the APSE, the Associated Press Sports Editors, and that they are white guys. Just 5 percent are black guys, and less than 3 percent Hispanic. Women? Not even 12 percent. As for the guys in management, 88 percent of sports editors are white guys, about 2 percent Hispanic, under 2 percent blacks, and just 6 percent are white women guys. Researchers found just one black female editor in the 341 newspapers surveyed.

And you know what else? The numbers haven't budged since the last survey two years ago. So apparently, the overwhelmingly liberal Drive-By sports media has no desire to "change." Their motto must be: "No we can't!" or even, "No we won't!"

The very people eager to pounce on any word, any deed, or thought they believe is racist – real or imagined – refuse to diversify their own ranks.

Now, for those of you liberal drive-by sports guys who don't like hearing the truth about yourselves, let me add one more thing. If the shoe fits, wear it!

I knocked that one outta the park, don't you think?

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