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McCain: I'll Cut Government, Taxes

RUSH: Senator McCain in Denver yesterday at a town hall meeting.MCCAIN: American workers and families pay their bills and balance their budgets, and I'll demand the same thing of our government, which you're not getting now. Congress and this administration have failed to meet their responsibilities to manage the government.RUSH: Right on, right on.MCCAIN: Government has grown by 60% in the last eight years. When I'm president, I'll order a stem-to-stern review of government, modernize how...

Obama Doesn't Care About Families

RUSH: Let's go to the audio sound bites. Yesterday in St. Louis this is where of course Fort Marcy Airlines was forced down due to a mechanical -- was on their way to North Carolina, didn't make it there. So Obama had to go out there and do a conference call, I think, with the supporters that were supposed to be there in the North Carolina. But there's no audience here. See what you think.OBAMA: The first step is to offer immediate relief to families who are struggling right now while helping...

How Rush Learned Self-Reliance

RUSH: During the break here I'm thinking about the call from Rafael in Charlotte, North Carolina. I want to make sure I heard this right, you guys. He said that he learned self-reliance from this program, that his father did not teach him self-reliance, is that right? That's what I thought, and I was thinking about that during the break, and I have to admit, I was kind of blown away by that. I think our most recent show on slackers in America was like five years ago, the theory that 5% of the...

Why Nations Subsidize Oil: Growth

RUSH: Father Paul in Dallas, Texas. Hello, Father.CALLER: Yes, hi, Rush. I'm a Catholic priest here in Dallas, and what you said about Gregorian chant, I thank you personally and on behalf of Pope Benedict. He's promoting Gregorian chant, too.RUSH: Well, thank you, sir, I appreciate that.CALLER: Hey, Rush, what you said about India and a subsidy on gas and it being removed over there, I was talking to a parishioner down in Mexico, he said that in September the government of Mexico is removing...

Government Never Does With Less

RUSH: Jeff in Woodland Park, Colorado. Thank you for calling, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network.CALLER: Retired military officer dittos from the media reported swing state of beautiful Colorado.RUSH: Yes, sir. Thanks very much.CALLER: I got something to report to you, if you will, if you'll allow me, just a quick observation at the very end. First, the report. Yesterday during one of the news breaks there was something, something like a five-minute news break, top of the hour, the...

If the GOP Had Any Onions, They'd Whip the Democrats on Gas Prices

RUSH: Now, folks, as I mentioned just before the conclusion of the previous hour, this should be the year for Republicans. Now, this sort of dovetails with calls we had yesterday from two women who were very upset and scared over their future. They're both doing well financially but they think it's all going to be taken away from them in taxes. The rising cost of gasoline is the root of this, because it's raised the cost of everything that needs to be transported, which is everything. It's shot...

Palm Beach Post: Is Rush Worth It? Disabled Vet: He Deserves More

RUSH: This is so funny. Last Friday, the Palm Beach Post, they have a -- oh, guess what? The Palm Beach Post today on their website, on their editorial page is running one of their talk back features: "Is Rush Limbaugh Worth It?" Is Rush worth, whatever, $50 million a year, is what they say. And of course, this is designed to get hits, which we're going to do. We're going to generate hits for them. And most of the responses when I checked it this morning were in my favor. They had to post...

Ignorant Obama Panders to Military to Cover Up His Anti-Military Image

RUSH: I want to go back to an audio sound bite of Barack Obama July 2nd, six days ago. This is in Colorado Springs. He said the following to a meeting of the editorial board of the publication Military Times. Now, before I play this, Obama the other day, in talking about his reversal on the war in Iraq, said that what he would do is he would call in his chief joints of staff and he would tell them, he would give them instructions to end the war now. Do you know how ignorant that is? The Joint...

NTSB Investigates Obama's Junk Plane from Fort Marcy Airlines

RUSH: The National Transportation Safety Board said yesterday that they are going to investigate what caused Obama's dinky little MD-80 to make an unexpected landing in St. Louis. He was traveling from Chicago to Charlotte aboard Fort Marcy Airlines when "the pilot's first officer announced that they were experiencing controllability issues with the pitch of the MD-80," and so Fort Marcy Airlines had to put down at Lambert Field in St. Louis, and we found out that one of the things that happened...

Donald Sutherland Conspiracy Theory: Operation Chaos Phase II?

RUSH: Have you heard about this? Folks, I'm thinking, and I haven't finalized details. We've been working on the operational plans all morning here at the EIB Network. But it may be time to implement a Phase II of Operation Chaos. Donald Sutherland, who is the father, as you know, of Kiefer Sutherland, who stars in "24," posted something on the Huffington Post, and this is what he wrote. "The Democrat National Committee's Terry McAuliffe mind-set ruined the campaigns of Algore, John Kerry,...

The Noise in Rush's Fertile Brain

RUSH: In fact, there's a story in the stack today that the brain creates noise and the smarter and the more active the brain, the more noise. They figured the older that you get the less noise the brain creates. Now, you people know about my brain; it's one of the best. And my brain does create noise, I'm not kidding. Some people have said, "Well, Rush, it's tinnitus, the ringing tones that you hear in your ears." Since I went deaf, I have this all the time, but in my right ear constantly....

Rush's Morning Update: O.C. Alert July 9, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: O.C. AlertJuly 9, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer The Messiah-- Lord Barack Obama, the most merciful-- has issued commandments to the Democrat National Committee. It is his will that the way the party platform is written...be changed.This year, with the blessings of The Messiah, Lord Obama, the process will be open to the public. Yes: lowly subjects from the "voting class" will be allowed to sit...

Tuesday Quotes: The Johnny Appleseed of American Politics

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Fox just asked: What role will Hillary take at the Democrat Convention? Her role will be to secure the nomination away from Obama. You watch.""Since I went deaf, I have this ringing tone in my ear all the time. I really think I'm hearing Gregorian chants all day long. Why it's Gregorian chants, I couldn't tell you. It's just my own personal soundtrack and it's in there for something.""You people at the Palm Beach Post -- just...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: Oil and Other Commodities Are Down RUSH: Have you seen the oil price? The oil price is $136.51 right now. It's been down as low as about $135.15 earlier today. This is down something like five or six bucks just today and it's down ten dollars, I think, from its all-time high. When it barely and briefly hit $146 a barrel, all these people were saying, "Yeah, $150 right around the corner"; now they're sort of back tracking. It's starting to inch back up from what it was doing earlier...


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