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Wednesday Quotes: Stemming the Tide of Liberalism


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"There is no Shining City on a Hill without oil, gas, and coal. Democrats have hit the dimmer. They're trying to turn out the lights on that city."

"There is a massive ego behind Obama. All of these pictures with him in light that looks like a halo is not by accident. When this guy says that he will see to it that rising seas begin to recede... I think half of him believes that he has mystical powers."

"Obama screwed up, ladies and gentlemen, one of the most basic rules: Thou shalt not create a lottery. Isn't state regulation a b-i-itch, folks? It gets in the way of everybody, even messiahs!"

"I think it's sort of a shame. Here we are on the verge of amazing success in the surge in Iraq, and you don't hear anybody on the left say, 'Job well done.'"

"Barack, you say the Iranians 'don't stand a chance', right? Well, that's what they said about the Germans back in the late thirties -- they don't stand a chance, just a dinky little country. And how about 19 terrorists on an airplane, Barack?"

"If Republicans cannot win with these gas prices while the Democrats have an inexperienced, arrogant, condescending, moron elitist running for president, then they are the latter half of dumb and dumber."

"There are a number of languages our kids should learn first, and then we can move on to Espanol, and then on to Francais, and then after that, we'll all try to learn to speak Female."

"Ahmadinejad is just saying, 'Hey, I'm not a midget here. When I unzip, I'm plenty powerful.' That's about the closest I can come to explaining how we men describe what this is."

"I told you Obama's an appeaser. To him, this is our fault. Iran wants these missiles because of our 'over-the-top rhetoric', because we're just being too big a bully. I am so sick and tired of people inhis partyblaming this country for the rogue behavior of tyrants and dictators!"

"You're going to get taxed every time you raise the toilet stool before it's all said and done."



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