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Senator Ken Salazar Stands in the Way of Lower Gas Prices

RUSH: I wanted to alert you to the latest blowup between myself and the esteemed Democrat senator from Colorado, one Ken Salazar. I have here in my formerly nicotine stained fingers, ladies and gentlemen, a copy of the story at the Denver Post by Anne C. Mulkern: "Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh attacked Sen. Ken Salazar of Colorado today on the oil shale issue, while Democrat Salazar said the debate is not about lowering gas prices but about helping oil companies. The day after the Bureau...

Drive-Bys Ignore National Enquirer on Breck Girl Affair, Love Child

RUSH: Surely, Mr. Snerdley, you jest when you ask me why the mainstream media is not covering this? I think you are just trying to provoke me into mentioning it myself. The National Enquirer, is running an exclusive and they say they have pictures of it. The Breck Girl, John Edwards, having an affair, caught red-handed with the babe and his love child at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles either Sunday night or Monday night, I forget the days. And they were watching him. They have been...

Messiah Gets Testy with Katie; Libs Attack McCain's Frustration

RUSH: This is Rick in Hannibal, Missouri. Rick, I'm glad you waited, sir. You are on the EIB Network. Hello. CALLER: Hello, Rush. Mega Steeler fan dittos here in the Show-Me State. RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much. CALLER: Yesterday you were talking about Obama, and his response to the surge on how I think he said we don't know how that would have happened because we didn't use his plan or something. That's just... When you pointed him out to be a jerk, I was like, pumping my fist and saying,...

Why the Reverend Jackson Wants to Remove The Messiah's Nuts

RUSH: Abbott in Yonkers, New York, we go to you first today, sir, and it's great to have you with us. Hello. CALLER: Hi, thank you. Nice being with you. Exciting, it really is. So I called because I recently was on my cell phone looking at the news and I was on CNN unfortunately and there's an article, this commentary on Barack Obama and the title was "Why Americans Can't Get Over Race" and the article talks about that racism and prejudice was immovable even if you abolish slavery and went...

Roy Spencer Gets Promoted

RUSH: Yesterday the official climatologist of the EIB Network, Dr. Roy Spencer, a man of great esteem, flawless character, impeccable scientific credentials, former climatologist at NASA now working out of the University of Alabama at Huntsville, appeared before Boxer's committee to testify about global warming. This exchange took place. SPENCER: In conclusion I am predicting today that the theory that mankind is mostly responsible for global warming will slowly fade away in the coming years...

McCain Takes Rush's Advice, Plans Chopper Visit to Oil Rig

RUSH: I'll be damned (laughing). As my mother used to say, "Goodness sakes alive." While Barack Obama is speaking about international affairs in Germany before thousands of fans tomorrow, John McCain will be talking about a pressing domestic issue while on an oil rig in the Gulf Coast.Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, it's Rush Limbaugh on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. We're here at 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@EIBnet.com. Hey, Cookie, go back to the program archives...

El Rushbo Is Not Mocking God

RUSH: Jill in Philadelphia. You're on the Rush Limbaugh program, Jill. Thank you for waiting. CALLER: Hi, Rush, how are you? RUSH: Fine, thank you so much. CALLER: You know, it's nice to talk to you. I'm a Democrat, but I enjoy listening to you. RUSH: Thank you so much. CALLER: What I am concerned about is your constant mocking of Obama as being The Messiah. I'm a Christian. I kind of find that offensive. There's only one Messiah, and I kind of feel like you're mocking God; you're...

The Truth About Nouri Al-Maliki

RUSH: Yesterday we had a caller on this program who was all upset that Nouri al-Maliki, the prime minister of Iraq, had thrown George W. Bush under the bus by seemingly endorsing Obama's idiotic plan of troop withdrawal in 16 months. This, as the Washington Post points out today, is not what happened. Well, al-Maliki did, but the point is that al-Maliki has been all over the board on this. Max Boot of the Council on Foreign Relations has a piece in the Washington Post today. In fact, The Washington...

The Ignorance and Arrogance of the Lord Messiah Barack Obama

RUSH: We now go to the audio sound bites from today. The Messiah, the Most Merciful Lord Barack Obama this morning was in Israel with the Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. This is before he took questions from the press. The Messiah made this announcement. OBAMA: My understanding is, uh, this gentleman right here is going to actually call on people so that I don't get in trouble with any of you. I want -- I want all of you to like me. So I'm going to -- He's going to be the bad guy. He's going...

The Official Obam-uh Criticizer

RUSH: Now, as promised, we turn to the official Obama criticizer on the EIB Network, Bo Snerdley. SNERDLEY: Thank you. This is Bo Snerdley, Official Barack Criticizer for the EIB Network, certified, black enough to criticize with organic slave blood. I have a message. Mr. Obama, your overseas visit to, uhhh, um, Iraq, um, the war zones is (sigh), uh, proving to be a world-class embarrassment. Uh, aside from giving report to the efforts of, uh Mu-muk-muk... Muqtada al-Sadr who hates America,...

Drive-Bys Want to Make History

RUSH: The Drive Bys, ladies and gentlemen, are off-track. I just got a note from somebody and, right as the note began, it said that Obama somewhere said that he is on the Senate Banking Committee. He isn't on the Senate Banking Committee. We are way beyond Clintonesque with all of this. Anyway, folks, great to have you here. Three hours of broadcast excellence straight ahead here on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.I was watching television this morning in the midst of feverish and devoted...

Rush's Morning Update: Kiddie Terror July 24, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: Kiddie TerrorJuly 24, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Some of our friends up north are upset, ladies and gentlemen,that their image is taking a beating. The angst is over thecase of a Canadian-born terrorist, Omar Khadr, who is being held at Club Gitmo.Khadr is the son of anAl-Qaeda financier. He was raised in Afghanistan. At age 15 he was captured on the battlefield,charged with throwing a hand...

Wednesday Quotes: Don't Doubt Me

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"The Drive-Bys are just a bunch of teenagers. The only thing they haven't done is throw underwear at Obama when he's up on stage -- yet.""I know that in your personal life you have known people whose objective it is to be liked. And what are they? Phonies, are they not? They try to be whatever it is they think somebody else wants them to be so that they will be liked. This is what Obama is about.""God knows that I am on his side....

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: Iraq Tourism Boom: Pack Your Bags for Baghdad RUSH: Hey, folks, I just got an AP story here hot off the wire. Basically the story is: pack your bags for Baghdad. "Iraq Looks to Tourism -- Someone had fun tinkering with the airline board at the old, disused terminal at Baghdad International Airport. It advertises a 'special flight' on Japan Airlines from Basra to Sydney, Australia, while a flight from Baghdad to Mexico City is 'delayed.' The opening of a new airport," I wonder who built...


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