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Heavy Breathing on Experience


RUSH: From McClatchy Newspapers, David Lightman: "Experience called poor predictor of presidential success." This is like the stories we got in the nineties, "Lying is okay, spares people's feelings." Yeah, McClatchy Newspapers: "Experience called poor predictor of presidential success." So I guess we can infer that inexperience is a good predictor. The less experience a candidate has, the better president they will be. This is too good to be true.


RUSH: To the phones we go, David, Richmond, Virginia, you're on the EIB Network, up first today, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: (heavy breathing into phone) Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Listen (clears throat) I wanted to talk with you a little bit about the oil drilling issue, but before that I wanted to thank you for your obtuse, upside-down inference from the comments about experience and the presidency. Great example of the kind of sophistry that you peddle every day.

RUSH: What sophistry that I peddle?

CALLER: (heavy breathing)

RUSH: The sophistry is from the McClatchy News Service --

CALLER: (heavy breathing)

RUSH: (heavy breathing) -- trying to say that there --

CALLER: (heavy breathing)

RUSH: (laughing) We've got a heavy breather.

CALLER: (heavy breathing)

RUSH: (laughing) We've got a heavy breather, folks.

CALLER: Yeah. You were suggesting, as I understood your comment, that because experience didn't correlate with -- with, uh, failure that it therefore correlated with success?

RUSH: No! No, no, no, no.

CALLER: That's what, rather -- what --

RUSH: No, no, no. All I said --

CALLER: It's what you said.

RUSH: No, it's not what I said. You didn't hear me right.

CALLER: Okay, something's right.

RUSH: All I said was, "We've got that story." We've got an inexperienced buffoon running for the president here on the Democrat side.

CALLER: (heavy breathing)

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: We've had that for several years, yes.

RUSH: No, we haven't.

CALLER: (heavy breathing)

RUSH: We have one now and so the McClatchy people know that they've got an inexperienced... (mock heavy breathing) buffoon. (laughing) There's a story saying that experience is a bad predictor! (laughing) So if experience is a bad predictor, maybe inexperience is a good one.

CALLER: That's exactly the ignorant inference I was referring to, yes.

RUSH: That's not... No! The ignorance is the newspaper trying to pass along a silly notion that experience doesn't count.

CALLER: So your -- So your --

RUSH: This is called illustrating absurdity by being absurd.

CALLER: So your -- your assessment of that was a correct and logical and proper argument with respect to that information, is that right?

RUSH: Yes, it's not even arguable. It's inarguable, David.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: I don't know what you got your underwear in a wad about.

CALLER: (laughing) The illogic of your argumentation, which is usually present. But, on the -- on the oil issue. I do not wish to --

RUSH: (heaving breathing)

CALLER: Let me know when you're finished.

RUSH: I'm just breathing.

CALLER: Uh-huh. On the oil issue, I do not deny that drilling is a useful activity.

RUSH: Well, how big of you!

CALLER: I do wonder --

RUSH: You sound as arrogant as Obama does.

CALLER: I do wonder if you're aware of the current administration's Energy Department position on drilling.

RUSH: Uhhhhhhhhh.

CALLER: (heavy breathing)

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Okay, what is it?

RUSH: The president just rescinded --

CALLER: No, no, no, no! The Energy Department.

RUSH: -- the executive order --

CALLER: Energy Department position.

RUSH: That's it.

CALLER: (heavy breathing)

RUSH: That's it.

CALLER: No. The Energy Department's --

RUSH: (mock heavy breathing)

CALLER: -- report most recently states that drilling will have --

RUSH: Oops! Sorry, out of time.


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