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Rush's Morning Update: Recess August 4, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: Recess
August 4, 2008

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Well, Congress is in recess. (Normally, good news.) They'll be gone forthe rest of the summer.As we approach the fall elections, we should take stock of the enormous benefits that electing a Democrat Congress have brought us.

Their single biggest achievement of the Democrat Congress has beenthat huge increase in the minimum wage...30 or 40 cents an hour? A pizza a week? Whatever. Those extra dimes,no doubt, havesaved us all from economic collapse. Now, I knowunemployment is edging up as a result of this,but the Democrats can take pride in the fact that fewer people will be driving to work.

Speaking of high energy prices,this Democrat Congress has done what Democrats do, historically:stand in opposition to producing more energy. Rather than debate the merits of drilling for our own oil, Democrats shut down the legislative process-- turned off the lights-- and then took off on vacation. They want gas prices to remain high, and they've succeeded; so they are to be congratulated.

Democrats also stand firmly in opposition in the area of national security. Nancy Pelosi's Democrats have given lip service to supporting the troops...while, of course, doing everything in their power to thwart theNo. 1 mission-- and that's victory in Iraq. Yes, our military is thoroughly succeeding despite Democrat obstruction, but Pelosi, Reid & Co. must take credit for their accomplishment: they've made every step so much more difficult.

In war and in peace, Democrats are Democrats. The bad news is: this recess is so short --they'll be back before you know it. Yipee.

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