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We Could See a McCain Landslide

RUSH: See, the liberals have to blame this Russian attack on Georgia on Bush, and then, by association, McCain, otherwise Obama has no chance. I don't think he has much of a chance, and I think the dirty little secret is that McCain could win this in a landslide. I actually do. I think there is so much huff and puffery here about Obama, and the bloom has long ago gone off that rose. It happened during the Democrat primaries. Thomas Sowell has a great column. He once attended a course taught...

Left Will Compare Georgia to Iraq

RUSH: I'm telling you, folks, mark my words on this, it isn't going to be long before the left, as all this Georgia, Russia stuff -- by the way, the latest on that is that the French and the Russians are working on ceasefire terms now. Nicolas Sarkozy went over there to try to do something about it while Obama is playing golf in Hawaii. At any rate, it isn't going to be long before the left says -- 'cause look, we gotta protect the oil pipelines, we gotta protect our ally, Georgia -- the left...

It's Beat Up America Day!

RUSH: Here is Paul in Rockland County, New York. Paul, thank you for calling. You're next on the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Hi. Good afternoon, Rush.RUSH: Hi.CALLER: You know, there's a highway that goes from the brand-spanking-new airport just out of Tbilisi, a beautiful four-lane highway that goes into town. You know what that highway is called?RUSH: Tell me.CALLER: George Bush Boulevard. And as you round the corner into Tbilisi there's a giant poster of our president waving his hand,...

Callers Blame Georgian President for Russian Aggression

RUSH: We'll go to La Habra, California. Jacob, thanks for waiting. I'm really glad that you were patient, sir. Hello.CALLER: Good morning, Rush.RUSH: Hi.CALLER: Thank you for taking my call.RUSH: You bet.CALLER: I just want you to know I found you about a week before you went for full three hours on 640 KFI.RUSH: In Los Angeles, yes.CALLER: Yes. Rush, I am a Russian Jew. I came to United States almost 30 years ago, and never in my lifetime, I thought that from all the people, I will call...

Chickified Olympic Coverage Geared to the Female Audience

RUSH: Now, I mentioned at the top of the program, there's a lot of stuff on the table today. One of the things is the Olympics, and in my opening monologue, I focused primarily on the opening ceremony, which was dazzling. There's no question about it. It was amazing. It was visually unparalleled, nothing like it. But I tell you what I saw in addition to all that. I saw sameness. I saw communism on display. I saw 15,000 human robots under orders who had been trained for years to act in synchronicity,...

Drive-Bys Dodge Breck Girl Bullet

RUSH: Then the Breck Girl, almost a bigger story than the Breck Girl, and what's his mistress call him, Love Lips? Do you know who she looks like? In some pictures she looks like Camilla Parker Bowles. You know, I was wondering if Edwards had Prince Charles envy. She does and you can't deny this in some pictures. But the bigger story is the media cover-up of this, and I gotta tell you, you know, I have no brief for the Clintons, but I gotta say that Howard Wolfson has a point. If the Drive-Bys...

Prostitute Kaine: The Messiah's Words Brought Georgia Ceasefire

RUSH: I'll tell you something else that bothered me about Obama's statement on Russia and Georgia is the moral equivalence. He says it's up to Russia and Georgia to engage in a ceasefire. Georgia was sitting there minding its own business! It is a democratic ally. There's no question the Russians are telling everybody that, you know, nations on their borders are not going to be independent. They want to start gobbling it up, and they're making it very clear. This Obama statement is an excerpt...

Russian Aggression and ChiCom Olympics Send Message to West

RUSH: First off on the Russians. It is an absolute laugh to listen to Obama opine about this. One of his first statements was to say that this does not fit well with the Olympic ideal, what the Russians did going into Georgia. Georgia is an ally of ours. We, ladies and gentlemen, not much we can do about it right now. Even the AP references this, but I find it fascinating: "The Russian bear is back. The United States doesn't seem to be able to do much about it." Wait a minute. Obama said...

Rush's Morning Update: Compass August 13, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: CompassAugust 13, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Recently, a Hartford, Connecticut incident made national news. It was thatvideo footage of a 78-year-old hit-and-run victim, lying in the street, while no one would come to his aid.Well, now that lack of empathy has been replaced by anger. On Saturday, a parade was disrupted by gunfire. A 21-year-old was killed, a 7-year-old and 15-month-old wounded,...

Tuesday Quotes: The Doctor of Democracy

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Vladimir Putin is KGB -- and nobody ever leaves the KGB.""I'm about to share with you a profundity, my friends: People who don't know what they don't know are fools, people who are in power and don't know what they don't know are very dangerous, and Obama doesn't know what he doesn't know.""I am convinced, ladies and gentlemen, that they have a bunch of female directors and camera people now at NBC, because during the events featuring...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: British Petroleum Closes Georgia PipelinesRUSH: "British energy giant BP said Tuesday that it has closed two more oil and gas pipelines in Georgia because of the ongoing conflict with Russia. 'We have closed two other pipelines in Georgia -- Baku-Supsa and the South Caucasus pipeline, which is a gas pipeline,' a BP spokesman told AFP. The key Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline, which BP also operates, was shut last week after a blast occurred in a pump at a section in eastern Turkey."...


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