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Clinton Brings Back Mark Penn?

RUSH: The Drive-Bys are panting away with excitement and the Democrat delegates and the Obama people are scared to death over what Bill Clinton is going to say tonight. So Brian Williams, anchor, NBC Nightly News, spoke with the DNCTV correspondent Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, about Clinton's speech tonight. Just now, just this afternoon. Brian Williams said, "Bill Clinton tonight, Andrea. It will be interesting to know when that one is loaded in the teleprompter, who has read it....

Hillary Plays the Victim Card

RUSH: Karen in Mesa, Arizona, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Hi, Rush.RUSH: Hi.CALLER: I'm kind of nervous, but I just wanted to say that I forced myself to watch Hillary last night, and she drives me crazy when I watch her talk.RUSH: How about the color of the pantsuit, Karen? What did you think of pumpkin orange pantsuit?CALLER: Well, I don't know. I'm not so into clothes and stuff. RUSH: No, come on!CALLER: I thought it was nice with the blue battleground, I guess....

A Golden Opportunity for the GOP

RUSH: Here is Doug in Columbia, South Carolina. You're next on the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Dittos, Rush. Thank you.RUSH: You bet.CALLER: During the last election when the Republicans lost a lot of ground, it didn't seem that you or anybody else got the sense that that was coming. And I'm wondering, during this McCain presidential election that's coming up, what makes you think this is so different?RUSH: Now, wait. Are you talking about the '06 midterm congressional elections?CALLER:...

Don't Overestimate Chuck's IQ

RUSH: Tony in Bremerton, Washington, thank you for waiting and you're next.CALLER: Hey, Rush, longtime listener and all that good stuff. Love your show. Look, the other day, last night, I was switching through the channels. I was on the All-Barack channel, switched over to the Nothing-But-Barack channel, kind of slid by all the other good Barack channels, and I got to CNN, and old Charles Barkley was on the air. He's talking, and I like Charles Barkley, so I'm listening to what he says. He's...

Huckabee Denies Mormon Slur

RUSH: We welcome to the EIB Network Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who is in New York at this hour. Governor, welcome to the program.HUCKABEE: Thank you very much, Rush. It's been a long time, and I've been listening to you for many years. You're a great American.RUSH: Thank you. So are you, sir. Now let's get right to the chase here. I said something a couple weeks ago, maybe ten days ago, about you and Governor Romney that you strenuously objected to. What was it that I said that was...

A Woman for McCain VP?

RUSH: Ann in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Hi, Rush.RUSH: Hey.CALLER: Hi. It's an honor to talk to you.RUSH: Thank you very much.CALLER: I'm a longtime listener and first-time caller, and my question is, don't you think a woman VP for McCain would really help him win? RUSH: I have seen today that Kay Bailey Hutchison is moving up the McCain list. MSNBC today said that the short list is Tim Pawlenty, Rudy, Lieberman, and Tom Ridge. Now, there are a bunch...

The Era of Clinton Is Not Over

RUSH: You know what the Drive-Bys are obsessing about all morning? The Drive-Bys are obsessing about, "What will Clinton say tonight?" Some unity they've got going. "What will Bill Clinton say?" And then I was watching the most amazing thing. Here we have Mike Allen from The Politico, and he was guesting Fox this morning, and I think it was Chris Wallace or somebody, said, "Well, what's going on with Clinton?" Mike Allen said, "He just wants to be sucked up to. If they would just suck up...

Hillary Clinton Delegate in Tears

RUSH: Let's play the audio here of the angry black female delegate to the Democrat convention who, in tears, just expresses her total dissatisfaction with The Messiah. Suzanne Malveaux sought her out on the convention floor. "Joining us here, obviously very strong Clinton supporters, tell me --" by the way, this woman's name is Ann Price Mills. "Tell me, why is it so important to you and what does this moment mean to you?"MILLS: Hillary Clinton proved to me tonight that she would have made...

Fast Eddie Rendell Compares Barack Obama to Adlai Stevenson!

RUSH: Fast Eddie Rendell last night, Fox News Channel, Hannity & Colmes. Colmes said, "Governor Rendell, in the Washington Post you compared Obama to Adlai Stevenson. Was that a proper quote? Was that what you meant?"RENDELL: Adlai Stevenson, in my judgment, was the greatest living Democrat in my lifetime. I think Barack Obama should also be a great president because he is smart, because he doesn't give easy answers, because he doesn't pander, because he thinks things through. He has a vision...

Dems Prepare Messianic Temple

RUSH: Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hear now that they're having second thoughts, some of the Obama people, not Obama himself, but some of the Obama people are having second thoughts about this charade tomorrow night at Mile High. People not liking the way this is looking. I got a note from a friend of mine who is Jewish and informed me of some things. I didn't know that Jewish people do not like fiery, charismatic speakers speaking before tens thousands at night with lights shining on them....

Loser More Popular Than Winner at This Boring Dud of a Convention

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the last time the loser at a convention was more popular than the winner was last night. Greetings, Rush Limbaugh and the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, yours for three hours straight ahead. Telephone number is 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com. Prior to last night, the last time the loser was more popular than the winner was 1976 and Ronaldus Magnus and Gerald Ford at the Republican convention in Kansas City. Not one night of this convention...

Rush's Morning Update: The Speech August 28, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: The SpeechAugust 28, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer My friends, here is the speech thatBill Clinton really wanted to give last night:"My fellow Democrats: I've never been so ticked in my life. With gas and food prices soaring; a war we've demonized; Hurricane Katrina; Cheney, Bush... and Republicans running an ol' wrinkled whiteguywho's half Democrat half the time -- and theyput up this Obama...

Wednesday Quotes: Stemming the Tide of Liberalism

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"The Clintons are a mob and so is Obama. Nobody comes out of Chicago politics as what Obama is trying to portray himself to be.""You know, sometimes at these conventions they have surprise phone calls come through on a big video screen. I'm still waiting for the surprise phone call from John Edwards endorsing Obama from the bathroom of a hotel.""The best speech of the convention so far has been that wacko governor from Montana...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: Cohen Echoes Rush: Michelle "Lobotomized"RUSH: By the way, my friends, I was not the only one to observe that Michelle Obama's speech was actually not the real Michelle Obama, and that she threw feminism away. She tried to make herself out June Cleaver and Mrs. Partridge -- all for the express purpose of trying to make white people like her and her husband, which we thought that had already been accomplished. Richard Cohen, Washington Post blog: "The transparent purpose of Michelle Obama's...


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