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Wednesday Quotes: Stemming the Tide of Liberalism


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"The Clintons are a mob and so is Obama. Nobody comes out of Chicago politics as what Obama is trying to portray himself to be."

"You know, sometimes at these conventions they have surprise phone calls come through on a big video screen. I'm still waiting for the surprise phone call from John Edwards endorsing Obama from the bathroom of a hotel."

"The best speech of the convention so far has been that wacko governor from Montana with the string tie. That tells you how absurd this bunch is."

"A friend of mine who is Jewishinformed me of some things I didn't know, like Jewish people do not like fiery, charismatic speakers speaking before tens of thousands at night with lights shining on them -- reminds people of something."

"After Clinton's speech tonight comes Biden. You better be prepared to stay up late because when Biden starts, you don't know when he's going to finish. They might have to grab the hook."

"By the way, all of the general public is going to be up inthe nosebleed seats for Obama's speech; his delegates and the high rollers are going to be the ones closest to him. No archangels yet -- we don't know what's going to come out of the sky."

"I always oppose conventional wisdom on principle because conventional wisdom is nothing more than a bunch of people conforming. Who needs that?"

"The McCain campaign -- I have to give them this -- are coming back fast and furious with some great ads with lots of humor. It's almost like I were putting the ads together myself."

"I know that Obama's stage is a Greek temple, but it will, to a lot of people, also look like a Roman temple. Could it be that tomorrow night, on Barack Obama's Greek temple, somebody named Clinton will succeed in stabbing The Messiah in the back?"

"Nancy Pelosi wouldn't know a gasoline pump if she saw one -- unless it was parked next to an abortion doctor's office."



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