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John Kerry Gets It Right on Rush!

RUSH: Here's Kirsten in Houston. Kirsten, it's great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Hello, Mr. Limbaugh!RUSH: Hi.CALLER: It's a pleasure to speak with you today, sir.RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.CALLER: I did not know that you had such tremendous pull with the McCain campaign. Because Mr. Kerry mentioned on George Stephanopoulos Sunday morning, that it was because of you that McCain did not pick Mitt Romney or Tom Ridge or whoever else he was considering.RUSH:...

Sarah Palin, Accomplished Woman

RUSH: I think more and more here about Sarah Palin. You know, unlike Hillary Clinton, she really has built her own political career. She is more of an independent woman than Hillary Clinton ever was. She has done this totally on her own. Camille Paglia, a big Obamaite, and, as you know, I have tremendous respect for Camille Paglia, Camille Paglia said that Sarah Palin's speech with McCain last week was the best by a woman in US politics that she has ever heard. Paglia said she was reeling,...

Where's the Examination of Biden?

RUSH: In Sarah Palin's acceptance announcement speech last week with Senator McCain in Dayton, Ohio, she mentioned that even in difficulty, blessings are given, which, to me, is an interesting worldview. I phrase it a different way, but there's always good in something that happens to you, if you just look for it. There always is something good. She says that even in difficulty, blessings are given, and people might have been thinking that was her Down syndrome child, might have been about her...

EIB Callers Fired Up for Sarah Palin

RUSH: We're going to start in Jacksonville, Florida, with Liz. Thank you for waiting. I appreciate it. Welcome to the program.CALLER: Hey, Rush, longtime listener. I still have my Dittohead cup from last time you were here in Jacksonville.RUSH: Oh, that's going back to 1989.CALLER: Yes, sir. That's how long I've been listening. But I wanted to weigh in on Governor Sarah Palin if I could.RUSH: Feel free, feel free, of course. I know it's going to be tough because what is there to say after...

A Lesson on Liberals and Feminism

RUSH: Let's talk about the religion of liberalism for just a second, ladies and gentlemen. What do liberals believe? Well, among other things -- listen to me on this -- what do liberals believe? They believe that a woman is more than just being a mom at home. It's what they say they believe. They believe that a woman is every bit as qualified to hold public office as a man. They believe that premarital sex and sex by teenagers is normal, natural, and we shouldn't try to stop it because we...

Diddy: Alaska Motherf**ker?

RUSH: I have not heard this next bite. Cookie just sent this to me, but I do know it has a bunch of expletives that we have had to bleep. It's from P. Diddy, and this was on the Bad Boy Records YouTube Channel. The rapper, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, posted this video about McCain to his Diddy Blog.COMBS: Alaska? Alaska? Alaska? Alaska. Ala-- Come on, man. I don't even know if there's any black people in Alaska. What in the [beep]? ALASKA? You're bugging the [beep] out. Sarah Palin, you ain't ready...

Drive-Bys Viciously Attack Palin

RUSH: Get ready if you missed any of this and you might have because it was the Labor Day weekend. Last night on CNN's The Situation Room the reporterette, the info babe Kyra Phillips has been sent to Alaska to dig up dirt in hopes of destroying Sarah Palin. In this report, she quotes the pro-abortion crowd's talking points on abstinence education.PHILLIPS: The governor has gone on the record and said that she is in full support of abstinence, and that she doesn't believe in contraception on...

Congratulations, Governor Jindal

RUSH: I want to congratulate somebody. I want to congratulate the governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal. I want to congratulate the mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin. Many Democrats, as predicted by me, the all-knowing, all-caring, all-seeing, all-sensing, all-feeling, all-everything Maha Rushie, predicted and told you that the Drive-By Media was hoping for destruction, Katrina 2. They were salivating. They wanted people in misery. They wanted drownings. They wanted debris floating all over the...

Sarah Palin: Clarence Thomas 2008

RUSH: Snerdley, you lost the bet. You lost the bet Friday. You lost the bet Saturday and Sunday. It's even worse than what I predicted it would be. It is ten times worse than what I predicted it would be. I told you I predicted that they would get all over Sarah Palin for giving birth to a Down syndrome baby. It's worse. They're getting on her for flying on an airplane when she was pregnant. This is the greatest example of Drive-By Media I could give you, short of the definition. The Drive-By...

Rush's Morning Update: Contemptible September 3, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: ContemptibleSeptember 3, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Within minutes of John McCain announcing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate,The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama, The Most Merciful’s campaign launched their first attack. In a statement, spokesman Bill Burton accused McCain of putting a "former mayor of a town of 9,000, with zero foreign policy experience, a heartbeat away from...

Tuesday Quotes: A Lovable Little Fuzzball

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"It seems to me, folks, like the liberals cannot handle an independent, strong, attractive, self-made lady.""If Joe Biden's plagiarism and other knocks against him disqualified him to be president in 1988, and again in 2008, then why all of a sudden is he qualified to be vice president now?" "The irony here is that Obama is running on change, but he's promising only more power and money for Washington. If you want reform, if you...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: PA Sends ID Info of 1,200 to Wrong Addresses RUSH: Did you see this? "State officials hoping to contain any worries about identity theft." This is in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Joe Biden's home state. Ahem. "State officials hoping to contain any worries about identity theft after more than 1,200 mailings containing the Social Security numbers of state welfare recipients were sent to the wrong addresses." I keep discussing, ladies and gentlemen. Do you think that your identity cannot...


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