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Sarah Palin Excites the Base

RUSH: San Diego, this is Jennifer. Great to have you on the program, Jennifer. Thank you for waiting.CALLER: Hey, Rush. Mega Rush Baby first-time caller dittos from San Diego.RUSH: Thank you very much.CALLER: The only thing I have to say that I'm more excited about than Sarah Palin is you, speaking to you today, but I'll get right to my point. America is getting a case study firsthand in seeing what it's like to be a young attractive professional woman today, and it's why the term feminism...

Gergen & Bernstein on Patriotism

RUSH: Last night on CNN, during a panel discussion, Anderson Cooper talking with Donna Brazile, said, "Donna, how do you assess what Lieberman said? Is this the Joe Lieberman you remember?"BRAZILE: Uh... (snickers) No. Uh, n-no, not at all. And he wasn't as feisty eight years ago, and clearly, uh, I -- I guess we didn't give him enough red meat, especially during that vice presidential debate. I thought that tonight he would, uh, talk about his -- his personal values and views that he shares...

Fred Thompson on Fire

RUSH: Fred Thompson was on fire last night. By the way, NBC, you want to talk about editors and so forth, NBC has gone over the edge. They're just a treacherous bunch now. Everybody's running around concerned about, my gosh, MSNBC has gone so far left, aren't the people at NBC concerned? Who do you think runs MSNBC? The people over at NBC are getting exactly what they want on MSNBC, and they're moving a lot of it over to NBC. Last night, NBC, when televising George Bush's speech, did not televise...

Mr. Newt Rips NBC Reporter

RUSH: People loved this last night. This is Newt Gingrich. He was on PMSNBC after the convention, after the speeches were over. The reporter was Ron Allen. And Ron Allen said to Mr. Newt, "To be fair --" don't you just love when these guys -- "as you know," "as I'm sure you will agree" -- "To be fair, Palin's resume is not something that we're familiar seeing with presidential candidates."GINGRICH: It's stronger than Barack Obama's. I don't know why you guys walk around saying this baloney....

Liberals and The Children

RUSH: What is it with liberals and children? We hear from liberals all the time that we must do this and we must do that for the children, do we not? Yet they've nominated a guy who believes and favors infanticide, not just abortion, but infanticide. This guy approves of abortion in the fourth trimester. The Drive-By Media favors waiting 17 years to destroy pregnant teenagers. Seventeen years is how old Sarah Palin's daughter is. I guess if you're 17 and you're the daughter of a woman who...

Don't Fall for Democrat BS on Social Security and the Economy

RUSH: Here's Bob in Willowbrook, Illinois. Bob, glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.CALLER: How do you do, Rush? And thank you for talking about this. I've been waiting 12 hours to vent. I'm not an evangelical, I'm not even a parent, but the treatment of Sarah Palin is absolutely outrageous. I'd like to start with a fact, and anyone who knows anything about Down syndrome kids knows that the situation is far more common among older mothers. So the idea of demanding a...

Attack on Palin Shifts from Experience to Trailer Trash

RUSH: One more, ladies and gentlemen, Katie Couric talking to the governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty last night on CBS special Democrat National Convention coverage. She said, "She's against abortion, even in the case of rape or incest. She wants creationism taught in the schools," and then she said this.COURIC: Do you worry that her selection might be a turnoff to some wavering Democrats and independents who might consider supporting John McCain? PAWLENTY: Women, in terms of who are worried...

We Don't Want Compromise, Joe

RUSH: I've also had a lot of e-mail from people about Lieberman and his speech last night, and people say, "What a great, brave guy. It was a great speech! It was really wonderful out there. The crowd loved it more than I thought they would, Mr. Limbaugh." I read the speech in advance, and wasn't that crazy about it. When he gave it the audience really seemed to like it in spots. Now, Harry Reid and everybody's come out, Bill Richardson. Well, they've just thrown him overboard, but they actually...

The Left Declares War on God

RUSH: If you're just joining us, too bad for you. You missed a barnstormer of a first hour. Audio sound bite from Mark "Maxi" Shields and Sally Quinn, both complaining that Sarah Palin has no business accepting the job of vice president. No way, because she got too many kids. She needs to stay home -- and besides, if she's elected vice president, she's got a 17-year-old daughter that's pregnant. She's got a Down syndrome baby of her own. It's just too distracting. She can't possibly work. Besides,...

Mark "Maxi" Shields Lectures Palin

RUSH: Here's Mark "Maxi" Shields appearing on the PBS coverage of the Republican convention, talking about Sarah Palin.SHIELDS: By accepting John McCain's offer, she guaranteed that her daughter would be known globally as the best known 17-year-old pregnant unwed teenager in the world. That would not have been the case if Sarah Palin had said to John McCain, "Thanks, but no thanks, John. This is a private time for my daughter, an important and -- and terribly difficult time in her life." I really...

Despicable Sally Quinn Slams Palin

RUSH: McCain's campaign strategerist, a guy named Steve Schmidt, says that he's been contacted by a bunch of big-time Drive-By reporters demanding paternity tests for the Down syndrome child. The Drive-By Media has called Steve Schmidt of the McCain campaign and is demanding paternity tests for the Down syndrome child! I am not making this up. That's what Steve Schmidt is saying. They don't believe it. These far-left fringe bloggers are defining the template of the Drive-By Media now. They...

We're Running Against the Entire Washington Government Machine

RUSH: I had somebody say to me this morning, "You know, Rush, it's clear now if it hasn't been clear before that we're not running against Obama. We're running against the media." That's true, but we're not just running against the media, ladies and gentlemen. We are running against the entire Washington government machine, and that includes the media. But it is important to point out that the Washington government machine, run by the left in their impenetrable bunkers of lifetime appointments...

Rush's Morning Update: Boycott September 4, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: BoycottSeptember 4, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer My friends, a massive protest is underway in the backyard of The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama The Most Merciful.Over a thousand public skrool children boycotted the first day of classes at their own inner city schools,and instead rode busses to a suburban district where they filled out enrollment applications. On the bus ride from their skrool district,...

Wednesday Quotes: America's Real Anchorman

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Democrats don't have a Sarah Palin. She's twice the man Obama is.""The left's trying to force Palin off the ticket. I know how mad you people are about this, but I want to tell you: they better have those rafters reinforced at this convention hall tonight -- because Palin's going to blow the roof.""I don't think the Democrats put the country first. I think they put socialism first, liberalism first, and their own power first.""It...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: Wizard of Smart Friedman on Palin and Big Oil RUSH: The oil price is down to 108 bucks, and now they're saying it might go town to $100. You know what I heard, folks? Do you know what I heard? Tom Friedman, Mr. Wizard of Smarts, the lead foreign policy op-ed columnist at the New York Times actually said that the Big Oil sheiks happy that the price is going down. They're happy the price is going down 'cause they want it low. The lower the oil price, the less energy will be suspended on...


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