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Frustration Fills the Phone Lines

RUSH: Jennifer, Gainesville, Florida. You're next. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos --RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: -- from a soccer mom in Gainesville.RUSH: Thanks much.CALLER: Listen, I don't know if I'm to the level of frustration of your previous caller, but I'm quite frustrated. I'm a stay-at-home mom, so, you know, we do kind of have the news on quite a bit, and just watching on TV and hearing that the Democrats can get out and spew, as you call the talking...

Why Don't Democrats Just Push This Bill Through Themselves?

RUSH: Here are a couple sound bites from John Boehner and Roy Blunt, the Republican leaders, at a little press conference when they came out of a meeting of their conference. Boehner first.BOEHNER: I don't know what games were being played at the White House yesterday. They gang up on Boehner. But if they thought they were rolling me, they were kidding themselves.RUSH: I know exactly what happened, and so does he. He's respecting the request not to talk about it, but he was the focus of this....

Don't Despair Over Drive-By Polls

RUSH: Here's Sandy in Chicago. Sandy, glad you waited. You're next on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.RUSH: You bet.CALLER: If you think your head is exploding, Rush, how do you think we feel out here? Last night I thought that McCain had outmaneuvered Obama totally on this, and then when the Democrats started putting out their talking points that McCain is causing nothing but problems, and then, of course, the mainstream media runs...

Graham: A Bailout for ACORN?

RUSH: Isn't it amazing, ladies and gentlemen, it is amazing to me how suddenly the House Republicans are so all-powerful, when we know we don't have the parliamentary ability to stop this. This, ladies and gentlemen, I'm telling you, the politics of this, this is what this is now, and, frankly, through the whole get-go, this has been politics, but it's now naked, and we can all see it. The House Republicans cannot stop this in the House. They cannot stop it. Parliamentary manner, they cannot...

Democrat Lies Aim at McCain

RUSH: If you don't know what happened in the White House meeting, you'd have to say the Democrat spin today that this is all McCain's fault, that his arrival blew this up, that's their theme today and that's what they're trying to sell. This morning at a Capitol Hill press conference Dingy Harry and Chris Dodd -- these guys make me sick -- these guys make me physically angry watching them. They insult my intelligence. Dawn asked me today about a half hour before the program, "You think Chris Dodd's...

The True Story: What Really Happened at the White House

RUSH: Now, folks, I want to tell you what happened at the White House meeting yesterday, and you are going to be stunned. You wouldn't believe it. Well, sadly, you will believe this. At the meeting, you had McCain and Obama, you had John Boehner, you had Dingy Harry Reid, you had Barney Frank. Chris Dodd was in there. Pelosi was in there. There were some others, but these are the principals. The meeting ostensibly was requested by McCain. Well, no, the meeting was originally requested by Paulson....

Democrats Focused on Politics; House GOP Fights for Principle

RUSH: All righty, so Barack Obama, "call me if you need me," went to the gym this morning, took a quick shower, got in his airplane, headed for Mississippi, told the reporters he's been in constant contact, he'll stay in contact, he'll be available if he's needed. McCain, about a half an hour ago, said, (paraphrasing) "Okay I'm going to go down to Oxford, I'm going to do the debate, and I'll come back here to Washington, DC, to continue to work on this over the weekend." Greetings, my friends,...

Rush's Morning Update: Civil Idiocy September 29, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: Civil IdiocySeptember 29, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer My friends, we have arrived at a potentially dangerous crossroads in the global warming hoax. Speaking at Bill Clinton's "Global Initiative" last week, former Vice President Algore said,"If you're a young person looking at the future of this planet and looking at what is being done right now... and not done... I believe we have reached the...

Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Passionate love for country will trump hate for America in every election.""Dingy Harry and Barney Frank... all these guys make me sick. These guys make me physically angry watching them. They insult my intelligence. I mean, Dingy Harry is just a mean, bitter little man, and Barney Frank is just Barney Frank.""Well, now, isn'tthis interesting. When you don't like the Dubai Ports deal, they listen to you. When you don't like immigration,...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1:Democrats Threaten to Prosecute Anti-Obama SpeechRUSH: Oh, you gotta hear this. This is nothing to do with the bailout plan, but since I just aired some Claire McCaskill sound bites, you might be interested in this. I got this from Gateway Pundit by virtue of KMOV-TV in St. Louis. "St. Louis and Missouri Democrat sheriffs and top prosecutors are planning to go after anyone who makes false statements against Obama during his campaign." This is... I don't recall this kind of threat being...


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