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Monday Quotes: The Truth Detector


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"When the government fails to pass a socialism bill and the market goes south, let it go south."

"Regardless how the vote turns out, I am not going to quit today until everybody listening to this program understands who's responsible for what is going on, and it's the very same people who screwed up."

"Here's what we're dealing with, folks: Senator McCain is doing a rally right now in Ohio, and he's promising to end pork barrel spending. The Democrats are in the process of stealing the country, and he's out there talking about earmarks!"

"For every person you hear saying this bailout is going to strengthen the market, it's the exact opposite. The market's not being allowed to work here because the losers haven't been flushed out."

"The Democrats say we face Armageddon, we face a depression, but don't you find it curious that all this is taking place 35 days before a presidential election -- with the Democrat candidate's mantra being 'change'?"

"This is a political ploy right out of the left-wing Democrat playbook: crisis is the easiest way to manage the behavior of a frightened citizenry. That's exactly what's going on here."

"It is a waste of time for all of us to sit around and wait to be inspired by somebody in our party to turn out and vote -- we're going to have to do that on our own."

"Understand what's going on, here: liberalism is liberalism, and the liberals are in the process of stealing the country. If they succeed in this, folks, it's going to take a generation to roll this back."

"'These assets are so riskless,' said Franklin Raines... who will be in Obama's cabinet. Franklin Raines, who gives Obama advice on housing. Franklin Raines, who had to give back the gazillions of dollars he stole from Fannie Mae."

"So there's Obama, running around at the debate talking about how we've lost our esteem. That aggravates me like you cannot believe."



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